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Woodbury Personal Injury Lawyers

Experienced Representation for Injury Victims in Woodbury, Minnesota

An accident can occur anytime, anywhere yet they always have a way of occuring right when they are least expected and in the worst place possible. Worst of all, accidents have the potential to cause serious injury that can not only leave your wallet empty from medical expenses, but you can be out of work for weeks or even months without income. The damages don’t stop there and can go on with things like disability and pain and suffering that you feel you deserve compensation for.

Many victims of accidents who suffer personal injuries can struggle with the aftermath of an accident with what to do, where to go, and who to call. It’s a perplexing situation, and the frustration felt is understandable. Someone involved in an accident may feel that they deserve compensation for the damages that they sustained, which is where personal injury law comes in.

Get Compensation with a Personal Injury Claim

With a personal injury claim, you can hold the parties liable for your injury responsible for the damages that you sustained. You can recover compensation to help you pay off those bills and stabilize the situation that an accident may have put you in. However, you should never undertake something like this alone.

Choosing a lawyer to assist you in this legal process can be a difficult situation in itself. There are so many ads painted on the sides of buses, airing in commercials, and popping up when you browse the web, all recommending the same thing. We cannot speak for all the other attorneys vying for your attention, but we have years of experience in providing legal assistance to accident victims suffering from injuries and placed in sensitive situations. We have a proven track record of securing compensation for clients and aggressively pursuing justice while you focus on recuperation.

Woodbury Motor Vehicle Accidents

[Click here to learn more about Motor Vehicle Accidents in Woodbury, Minnesota]

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common kinds of cases that we deal with at Sand Law. There is no shortage of drivers engaging in reckless and negligent behavior that leads to severe injury of drivers simply trying to get from A to B. We are well-versed in dealing with a variety of scenarios of accidents on the road.

Car accidents may be the most common, but they are nonetheless a major contributor to the number of injured people in the state of Minnesota. We handle semi-truck accident claims where massive 18-wheeler commercial trucks are responsible for some of the most destructive accidents on the road. We also handle motorcycle accidents where riders experience grievous injury at the hands of reckless drivers. Lately we have been handling a variety of Uber and Lyft cases as well for both Uber drivers as well as passengers for a ride.

We’ve seen all kinds of causes for these accidents. Drivers can be intoxicated, distracted, neglect to maintain their vehicles, make reckless maneuvers, and generally be neglectful of safety which causes accidents and injuries to victims that walk through our doors. If you are having trouble with the insurance company and would like someone that will fight for you then consider Sand Law for your motor vehicle claim.

Woodbury Personal Injuries

Injuries can come from a variety of unexpected places. You could be walking through a store, and the next thing you know, you slip onto your back and hit your head on the hard tile floor. You sustain a concussion and all because an employee neglected to place a wet floor sign or a power cord was dangerously placed out in the open. Sand Law has worked with countless personal injury accident victims, each with their own unique case details. Our lawyers will investigate every meticulous detail and bring every resource to bear when it comes to holding the party liable for your injury responsible for their negligence. We have successfully handled cases where people have been injured by a variety of unique vectors of harm, including:

Woodbury Recreational Injury Claims

Minnesota is home to a variety of recreational sports and activities that have the potential to result in severe injury to participants. Choosing Sand Law to represent you in your recreational injury claim means you will have an experienced attorney in your corner to fight for your legal right to compensation while you recuperate from your injuries. Sand Law has successfully handled a variety of recreational injuries involving injury scenarios that include:

  • Boating Accidents
  • Snowmobile Accidents
  • Jet Ski Accidents
  • ATV Accidents
  • Swimming Accidents
  • Snowboarding/Skiing Accidents
  • Amusement Park Accidents
  • Summer Camp Injuries

Woodbury Workers’ Compensation

Sand Law will work with workers seeking compensation for injuries sustained on the job. We understand that interacting with insurance companies can be a frustrating and complex endeavor, and will work with you to ensure that you are not taken advantage of. Negotiating a reasonable settlement so that you can have the resources to handle the expenses you accrued because of your injury will be a service you will be more than satisfied with putting in our capable hands.

Woodbury Wrongful Death Claims

Here at Sand Law, we understand the level of sensitivity required when handling a case seeking compensation for the loss of a loved one. You should leave the complexities of legal action to us while you grieve and make arrangements. The passing of a loved one can take an immense emotional toll as well as directly affect someone’s quality of life. No settlement can hope to replace the loss of a loved one, but Sand Law can at least ensure that you receive compensation to ensure your time of grief passes more comfortably.

Woodbury Nursing Home Abuse

If you trusted a Woodbury nursing home or assisted living facility with the care of your loved one, they had a duty to make sure that they would get the best care possible. If your loved one was abused while in a nursing home, whether it was physical, emotional, financial, sexual, or neglectful abuse, contact Sand Law for a free consultation.

Woodbury Child Injury

Representing a child’s legal interests is a task that requires a delicate approach that Sand Law is capable of providing. Children are often more susceptible to severe injury and require an attorney who can fight to ensure that they receive a level of compensation appropriate for their needs. We have handled all kinds of child injury cases throughout Minnesota where children have been injured by

  • Schools
  • Daycare facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Parks/Playgrounds
  • Defective toys and products
  • Sexual Abuse
  • Sports
  • Swimming Pools
  • Bicycle Accidents
  • Motor Vehicle Accidents

Angry-Dog-Biting-Man - Woodbury Dog Bite Attorneys - Sand Law LLC

Woodbury Dog Bite and Attacks

In Woodbury and across Minnesota, it is a dog owner’s responsibility to prevent their animal from hurting another person. The elderly and children are particularly susceptible, but anyone can be seriously injured if they are attacked by a dog. If a dog attacks someone, that dog’s owner may be found negligent and held legally responsible.

Contact a Woodbury Personal Injury Attorney

Sand Law is here to assist you if you have been injured in Woodbury, Minnesota, and need compensation for your injury. We have worked with many injured accident victims and assure you that we will pursue your claim aggressively and with the professional and hospitable service we have become known for. Sand Law will seek to receive maximum compensation for your personal injury so that you can recover physically and mentally.

To arrange a No Pressure consultation with a top-rated injury attorney, please call us at 651-291-SAND (651-291-7263) or contact us online to request your free consultation and case evaluation. We look forward to hearing from you and to seeing how we can help your family. There is no fee unless we obtain compensation for your injury.



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