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Minneapolis Personal Injury Attorneys

Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers Helping Injured Victims in Minneapolis Get Compensation

Sand Law is an experienced personal injury firm you can trust. We have established ourselves in Minnesota as a serious accident firm that always puts the client first. The insurance companies know who we are and know that we will not settle until our clients have received the compensation they deserve.

If you have been injured due to the negligence of another, let us help you. We are here to answer any questions you may have. And to help get you and your family back on the path of wellness and financial security.

Fighting for Personal Injury Victims in Minneapolis

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Personal injury due to negligence, malpractice, or intent has an enormous impact on the victim’s physical and emotional well-being.

Some injuries, such as those resulting from vehicle accidents, can leave the injured person suffering from severe pain and even paralysis. On the other hand, wrongful death claims bring the unsettling feeling of injustice to the family of the deceased, along with psychological trauma and monetary loss.

Fortunately, you are not alone in the fight. If you or a member of your family has been injured in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the experienced attorneys at Sand Law will do everything possible for you to maximize your potential compensation.

Leveling the Playing Field Against Insurance Companies

Most personal injury claims involve dealing with at least one insurance company. These insurance companies and their adjusters are not on your side and do not have your best interest at heart. They are employees of a company who have shareholders that demand low costs and high profits. Paying people as little as possible for their claim is how they keep their bottom line.

Insurance companies always contact the accident victim shortly after the accident to discuss details. This may include liability, coverage, or the necessity of any medical treatments. This is when they might also start to ask leading questions about the accident with the intention of trying to reduce the amount of compensation for your damages. Because of this, it is important not to accept any financial award without consulting an attorney first.

Insurance companies want to pay you as little as possible; it’s their job. But a skilled lawyer’s job is to level the playing field so you get the highest amount of compensation possible.

How a Minneapolis Injury Attorney Can Get You Compensation

Getting injured is a stressful experience. And victims need time and emotional support to recover both physically and mentally.

Our attorneys have helped numerous clients in Minneapolis to receive their settlement without further stress. That way they can concentrate on getting better for themselves and their families.

Types of Injury Claims We Handle

Sand Law LLC handles all types of personal injury cases in Minneapolis. We believe in getting clients big firm results while maintaining a small firm level of communication with out clients.

We handle the following types of Minneapolis personal injury cases:

car-accident-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersCar Accidents

Car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries and one of the most common reasons that Minnesotans need financial compensation for damages. Common injuries from auto accidents, such as whiplash, head injuries, broken ribs, and back damage, all cause serious, life-changing injuries that create huge medical bills and lost wages. Car accidents are often treated as straight-forward cases by insurance companies, but that is simply a tactic. Before you make a decision or accept an offer, at least speak to an attorney to learn about your options.


truck-accident-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersTruck Accident

Due to their larger size, semi-trucks can cause severe injuries and even death to the unlucky car drivers that are involved. Commercial trucking is highly regulated to prevent accidents. However, semi-truck accidents persist due to errors while changing lanes and turning, or failure in equipment. If you believe that you were involved in a truck accident that was caused by negligence, contact the experienced lawyers at Sand Law LLC today.


motorcycle-accident-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersMotorcycle Accidents

Even with the latest equipment innovations, such as airbag vests, anti-lock brakes, and LED lighting, motorcycle riders are one of the least protected among us on the roads. This makes them more susceptible to accidents and, therefore, injuries. Motorcycle accident injuries can be extremely serious because of the unprotected nature of the rider coupled with the weight difference between vehicles. Motorcycle riders are often victims of negligent car drivers. So if you were injured in a motorcycle accident, do not speak to anyone before you contact an attorney.


uber-and-lyft-accident-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersUber and Lyft Accidents

Rideshare services, like Uber and Lyft, provide an affordable and easy way to get to your destination. They have changed the way we live and get around forever. However, accidents that occur while an Uber ride or Lyft ride are in progress create unique complications. Rideshare accident issues, like liability or negligence, are not completely sort out yet, so consulting an experienced rideshare attorney is very important.


pedestrian-accident-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersPedestrian and Bicycle Accidents

Pedestrians and bicycle riders are extremely vulnerable to accidents and injuries. They are vulnerable in big cities, small towns, at night and during the day. Faded crosswalks or missing bicycle lanes are other common reasons for pedestrian and bicycle accidents. When a motor vehicle collides with a pedestrian, the injuries can be significant. When that accident could have been prevented, it is even more tragic and justice is deserved.


distracted-driving-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersAccidents Caused by Distracted Drivers

Texting, talking on the phone, or putting on makeup while driving are all examples of how people drive while distracted. Distracted driving incidents like this can lead to serious accidents and injuries for the passengers of the car, as well as for pedestrians and other cars. As our lives become more dependent and incorporated into technology, distracted driving will only get worse until technology intervenes or we make a decision as a society to focus while we drive.


drunk-driving-accident-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersAccidents Caused by Drunk Drivers

Alcohol consumption affects a driver’s judgment and reflexes, which makes them a danger on the road. Every day nearly 30 people are killed in drunk-driving crashes. With all the other options available for intoxicated people to get home, there is no excuse for drunk driving. If you or a family member were injured or killed by a drunk driver, be sure to contact a personal injury lawyer for a consultation.


slip-and-fall-injury-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersSlip and Fall

Slip and fall accidents occur when a person slips and falls on a wet floor. For example, at someone else’s property. If the owner of the property didn’t indicate the danger, they could be liable for the damages of the victim. Slip and fall cases have a very specific process that must be followed in order to prove liability. Contacting a personal injury attorney who is experienced with slip and fall is the best way to ensure that your claim is thoroughly investigated and well compensated.


child-injury-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersChild Injuries

The worst thing that a parent can hear is that their child has been injured. Children often get hurt at playgrounds, daycare centers, or during sports activities due to their natural curiosity and unawareness of danger. However, sometimes such incidents occur because of negligence on behalf of the accompanying adult. When we entrust our kids in the care of another we expect that they will be safe. When a supervising adult is negligent in their care for a child it may be possible to get compensation for damages.


assault-and-battery-injury-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersAssault and Battery Injuries

Assault and battery injuries refer to injuries received during an attack, robbery, or a domestic violence accident. Victims often suffer disfigurement, scarring, emotional trauma, and even death. In addition to the criminal case, it may be possible to pursue a civil case against your attacker. An experienced Minneapolis personal injury attorney can help you to determine if your case qualifies for civil damages.


nursing-home-abuse-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersNursing Home Abuse

Nursing home abuse refers to any action that causes harm to an older adult at a nursing facility. Such acts can include physical violence, neglect, or inadequate care on behalf of the staff. When we entrust a nursing home with the care of our elderly loved ones, we expect that they are well cared for and any danger is minimized. When a nursing home is negligent in this care, it may possible to seek compensation for the medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages related to the claim.


medical-malpractice-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersMedical Malpractice Negligence

Medical malpractice occurs when a physician fails to treat a condition, ignores symptoms, or commits an error that causes injury or the death of a patient. These cases are some of the most difficult cases to pursue since there are strict sets of guidelines that must be met. These strict parameters are there to ensure that a medical provider can act when necessary without constant fear of reprisal. However, when gross negligence of care is involved, pursuing a medical malpractice claim is the right thing to do.


workplace-injury-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersWorkplace Accidents

Workplace accidents can cause short or long-term disability to the injured employee. These claims are often compensated through worker’s compensation insurance that each employer is required to purchase. When a workers comp claim is denied or diminished it can cause severe financial strain on the employee and their family. If your workers comp claim was denied or of an insufficient amount, a Minneapolis workers comp attorney can help get you fair compensation for your workplace injury or illness.


dog-bite-injury-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersDog Bite Injuries

Dog bites cause disfigurement, scarring, and long-lasting psychological trauma. Unfortunately, severe dog bites occur more often to our most vulnerable populations: children and elderly adults. Typically, dog owners are responsible for any damages that their pets could have caused. Proving a Minneapolis dog bite injury case can be complicated and requires a strong understanding of Minnesota personal injury law. If you or a loved one was bitten by a dog in Minnesota, contact an experienced dog bite lawyer to help you understand your rights and options.


recreational-vehicle-injury-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersRecreational Injuries

Recreational injuries refer to any injuries that happen during recreational activities. These types of claims often involve negligence on the part of rental agencies, recreational vehicle manufacturers, or property owners of recreational sites. Some examples of recreational injury cases include: Boating Accidents, Snowmobile Accidents, Jet Ski Accidents, ATV Accidents, Swimming Accidents, Snowboarding/Skiing Accidents, Amusement Park Accidents, and Summer Camp Injuries.


wrongful-death-sand-law-llc-minneapolis-personal-injury-lawyersWrongful Death Claims

When a person dies due to negligence, error, or the intentional act of someone else, their relatives may be able to file a wrongful death claim to receive compensation for their damages. These lawsuits are brought forward in an effort to get compensation for families who are financially strained by the negligent death of their loved one. Wrongful death lawsuits may also seek to punish those that caused the death with punitive damages in order to prevent similar future situations to some other family. Wrongful death lawsuits should always be presented to a lawyer as soon as possible to prevent degradation of evidence.


Why Choose Sand Law?

Experienced Attorneys Fighting to Get Compensation for Injured Victims in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Our attorneys are experienced in resolving various personal injury claims with great success. We put all of our effort into researching each case thoroughly. And we come up with a unique strategy in order to get maximum compensation for our clients.

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