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Minnesota Child Sports Injury Claims

How Your Child Can Suffer Sports Injuries

Children require a healthy amount of physical activity to grow and develop yet there are times when this activity can result in severe injury. Sports are a common and popular way for kids to go outside and be active yet there is always a risk that something can go wrong and a child may sustain an injury.

Accidents happen but a child may suffer an injury that would have otherwise been avoidable had certain parties taken appropriate action or precautions. Negligence caused injuries to a child can result in an injury claim where the plaintiff will try to hold those who were negligent accountable for the damages suffered by the injured child.

Common sports Injuries Suffered By Children

Children are fragile and while they may be energetic balls of energy, they can potentially suffer life-altering injuries. While growing the human body is susceptible to injuries that can alter the course of its life and lead to lifelong complications and disability. Adolescence is a critical stage where a lot can go wrong with seemingly minor injuries. Children that engage in sports run the risk of suffering many injuries but there are definitely a few that are much more common than others.


Injuries to the head can often prove to be extremely serious. A blow to the head can result in a traumatic brain injury like a concussion. A concussion can be defined as a head injury where a blow to the head results in cognitive issues. While concussions do tend to heal on their own over time, they should be taken very seriously. Any injury to the head runs the risk of serious complications that can result in permanent damage.

When it comes to concussions, children often stand to lose the most. The developing brain of a child is particularly vulnerable to serious damage that can result in long term negative effects. Children that are involved in sports that run a high risk of head injury should always wear a helmet that is up to safety standards.

Broken/Fractured Bones

There are many children that break or fracture a bone while engaging in physical activities. With the proper treatment, this kind of injury can be taken care of fairly easily but there are some instances where a broken bone can be much more serious than normal. Damage to the pelvis, vertebrae, joints, and skull can prove to be quite serious in comparison to a broken arm or leg. Every effort should be made to prevent these kinds of injuries from taking place since they can sometimes affect neighboring organs and cause complications.

Shoulder Injuries

The shoulders are often heavily used in sports like baseball, football, etc. where repetitive movements or especially strenuous use can damage muscles and joints due to overuse caused stress. Children have limits as to what they are capable of and the testing of those limits can irresponsibly cause shoulder injuries like dislocations, muscle/ligament damage, and damage to bones that make up the shoulder joint. Severe damage to the shoulders suffered in youth can follow someone later into life and cause all kinds of inconvenience.

Muscle Tears

The tearing of ligaments and muscles in the limbs is a very common injury among athletes with child athletes as no exception. The overuse and improper use of these muscles can result in the literal tearing of muscles and ligaments that can be extremely painful not to mention potentially damaging to a person’s mobility in some cases. When a child suffers a serious tear of their meniscus, a shin splint, or a tearing of the hamstring to name a few significant examples, they will not only experience severe main and loss of mobility but could possibly sustain permanent damage if these injuries are not addressed immediately.

Child Injury Safety Measures and Prevention Steps

There are several simple steps that one can take to ensure that their child does not suffer a severe injury that could potentially cause permanent damage.

Safety Gear: Ensure that a child has all the necessary safety gear that they are expected to have for whatever sport that they are participating in.

Breaks: Take regular breaks to give time for a child to recover from strenuous activity that can cause damage due to constant repetition.

Preseason Physicals: Before letting your child participate in a sport you should have them see a pediatrician for a full physical. A doctor can give your child the green light to go ahead and engage in sports or they could determine if your child has any issues that may be of concern should they participate in sports.

Warm-Ups: Children are no exception to the need to warm up before engaging in physical activities like sports. Warm-ups help prevent torn muscles/ligaments and prepare the body for activities that would otherwise cause injuries.

Consider Sand Law as Your Child Injury Claim Attorney’s

If your child has suffered an injury while participating in a recreational sports activity due to the negligence of a liable party then you may be able to recover compensation. Contact Sand Law about how we can help you to file a child injury claim so that you can hold those responsible for your child’s injury accountable. By proving the negligence of a liable party that caused your child’s injury you can recover compensation that can help with medical expenses and any other costs that may come with a severe injury to your child.

Sand Law has experience handling cases where children have been injured and are more than capable of providing expert assistance for your claim. We understand that child injuries are sensitive matters that require a parent or legal guardians total attention and want you to focus on providing such as we fight for your right to the settlement that you deserve.

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