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6 Types of Evidence Used in Slip and Fall Cases

Types of Evidence Used in Slip and Fall Cases - Sand Law Minnesota

Whenever a slip-and-fall accident occurs, the results can be catastrophic. If this has happened to you or someone close to you, it will be critically important that you have the help of an attorney. That will be your best chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve. Sand Law attorneys have the experience and skill it will… Read more »

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents

person standing at the top of icy stairs at risk of a slip and fall accident

Slip-and-fall accidents are often the result of a property owner failing to remove unexpected obstacles from walkways or prevent conditions that cause people to lose their traction with the floor and fall. Summary Slip-and-fall accidents, where individuals slip on another’s property and suffer injuries, can lead to severe injuries. Causes of slip-and-fall accidents include wet… Read more »

How Can a Personal Injury Accident Cause a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Doctor examines patient to see if he has a traumatic brain injury

Too often, reckless behavior results in a personal injury accident that inflicts a traumatic brain injury on someone else. Summary Personal injury accidents can traumatic brain injuries when an individual sustains blunt-force trauma to the head. Brain damage can cause a traumatic brain injury that can cause symptoms like headaches, nausea, memory loss, and vision… Read more »

Most Common Types of Car Accidents

common car accident types injury lawsuit attorney Minnesota

Here are the Most Common Car Accidents You Might Encounter in Minnesota While it is not an absolute certainty, there is an extremely high chance that at some point in your life, you will be involved in a car accident. That is if you haven’t already been through the harrowing experience of having your car… Read more »

Rear-End Accidents Can Be More Serious Than You Might Think

Serious rear-end accident between two cars

Rear-end accidents aren’t always insignificant fender-benders; this type of collision can result in severe injuries and financial hardship. Summary Rear-end accidents, often perceived as minor, can lead to severe injuries and financial difficulties for victims. These accidents can occur when one driver collides with the back of another vehicle. Injuries from serious rear-end accidents include… Read more »

How to Build a Personal Injury Case

There are a lot of ways people can suffer injuries due to the negligence of another person or entity. You might have been hurt in a car wreck or injured in some other manner requiring constant care. You’re convinced you weren’t to blame for the accident, but you don’t know how to obtain the money… Read more »

What Evidence Can Be Collected in a Personal Injury Case?

Woman making a phone call after being in a rear end car accident and collecting evidence

Many types of evidence can be collected to support a personal injury case, including medical documents, statements that offer context, and physical evidence of the accident. Summary Personal injury attorneys collect evidence to prove liability, document injuries and damages, and demonstrate the value of their clients’ losses. Evidence is crucial for establishing the four elements… Read more »

What is the Role of an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case?

What is the Role of an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Attorneys

You’ve probably heard of expert witnesses before, but never thought you’d need one. But if you’ve been in a motor vehicle accident, you slipped and fell in a store, or you’ve suffered the tragic loss of a family member, an expert witness could help you win your personal injury case. Sand Law personal injury attorneys… Read more »

How Can Expert Witness Testimony Help Prove Your Personal Injury Claim?

Expert witness is sworn in in a courtroom before providing testimony

Don’t underestimate the value of expert witness testimony in a personal injury claim; it can make or break a case for compensation. Summary Expert witness testimony is crucial in personal injury claims to establish liability and the extent of damages. Medical experts can testify to the nature and severity of injuries, as well as their… Read more »

Road Rage Causes Severe Car Accidents

road rage car accident injury lawsuit attorney Minnesota

Aggressive Drivers Increase Car Accident Risk Drivers come in all shapes, forms, and backgrounds as they take to the roads across the country to get wherever they need to go. Some drivers more than others are more prone to bouts of anger that come with the frustrations that arise while driving. Things such as rush… Read more »