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Road Rage Causes Severe Car Accidents

road rage car accident injury lawsuit attorney Minnesota

Aggressive Drivers Increase Car Accident Risk Drivers come in all shapes, forms, and backgrounds as they take to the roads across the country to get wherever they need to go. Some drivers more than others are more prone to bouts of anger that come with the frustrations that arise while driving. Things such as rush… Read more »

Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in a Group

motorcycle group accident injury lawsuit attorney

Avoiding Accidents When Riding in a Motorcycle Group Motorcyclists often elect to ride together as is natural for fellow riders. The history of motorcycles is fraught with brotherhoods of riders taking to the road together. Riding with a group is a good way to increase motorcycle visibility which is one of the primary factors when… Read more »

Evidence in a Minnesota Slip and Fall Claim

Slip and fall accident injury lawsuit evidence attorney minnesota

Proving Negligence in a Minnesota Slip and Fall Claim Slip and fall accidents have the potential to happen almost anywhere. All it takes is a bit of uneven flooring or a stray power cable trailing across the ground for someone to lose their balance and hit the floor in a way that injures them. These… Read more »

Construction Site Accident Injuries

Construction site injury lawsuit attorney Sand Law Minnesota

Construction Sites and High Accident Injury risk Those that work in the construction industry are often at immense risk to suffer severe injuries in construction site accidents. These injuries can result in severe damages to construction accident victims and often leave them in dire financial situations. Accident victims can be out of work for long… Read more »

When do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer?

When do You Need a Personal Injury Lawyer? Minnesota

How a Personal Injury Attorney can Help You There are many misconceptions that surround personal injury lawyers. What exactly do they do and how do they do it? Because of a lack of understanding about what personal injury attorneys do, many that could greatly benefit from an injury lawyer hesitate over hiring one. It is… Read more »

Minnesota Spinal Cord Injury Claims

Seeking Compensation for Spine and Back Injuries There are few parts of the body that can sustain an injury and cause severe damage on a level that can alter your whole life. Whether it is a car collision, construction site accident, or a simple slip and fall, injuries to areas such as the spine can… Read more »

Minnesota Child Sports Injury Claims

How Your Child Can Suffer Sports Injuries Children require a healthy amount of physical activity to grow and develop yet there are times when this activity can result in severe injury. Sports are a common and popular way for kids to go outside and be active yet there is always a risk that something can… Read more »

Minnesota Drowsy Driving Accidents

Minnesota Child Sports Injury Claims Attorney

Sleepy Drivers Cause Severe Car Accidents Most drivers are well aware of the more common hazards that plague the roads and threaten to cause accidents. Common risks for accidents like drunk driving, distracted driving, and poor car maintenance are well known but there is a behavior that is just as dangerous. Drowsy driving has the… Read more »

Proving Driver Distraction in Your Car Accident Claim

Distracted driving car accident lawsuit attorney Minnesota

How to Show a Distracted Driver was at Fault for your Car Accident Distracted drivers have proven to be a constant threat across the country due to their placing priority on their smartphone rather than paying attention to the road. Accidents caused by distracted driving make up a large portion of accidents that occur across… Read more »

Signs of Risk for Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect

Nursing Home Abuse Injury Lawsuit Minnesota

Common Nursing Home Neglect and Abuse Red Flags Nursing homes have an obligation to their residents to provide an environment that is safe and free of hazards. The elderly residents entrusted into their care are especially vulnerable and in need of assistance in almost every aspect of their lives at times. These facilities often do… Read more »