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A Statistical Breakdown of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Minnesota

Minnesota Accident Stats The amount of car accidents that occur each year in Minnesota is staggering.  The most recent “Comprehensive Annual Traffic Crash Data Report” offered by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is from the year 2015. According to DPS, there were 74,772 traffic accidents in Minnesota in 2015.  Involved in those crashes were… Read more »

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Minnesota Car Accidents Millions of Americans are injured in traffic accidents each year. In Minnesota alone, there are more than two hundred crashes on an average day resulting in dozens of injuries. In addition to incurring billions of dollars in costs for hospitalization, surgery, chiropractic care, and other medical treatment, injured people may lose the… Read more »

Permanently Disabled from a Car Accident in Minnesota

Every year, tens of thousands of people die from car-related accidents in Minnesota and all over the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While each of those deaths is tragic, permanent disability resulting from a car accident can cause nearly equal pain and suffering, both for the injured and for the injured’s… Read more »

Winter Motor Vehicle Accidents

Minnesota winter road conditions are infamously dangerous. Low visibility, less daylight, snow, slush, and ice combine to form hazardous conditions. However, poor road conditions do not excuse a driver’s duty to exercise due care and reasonable caution when operating a vehicle. Drivers who end up in an accident because of negligence or a failure to… Read more »

What Happens When an Uninsured Driver Injures You in a Car Accident?

When you’re seriously injured in a car accident in St. Paul, things can get complicated very quickly. Your Personal Injury Protection coverage will pay your medical bills, lost wages, and related expenses. Once your medical bills exceed $4,000 or you meet certain injury thresholds, you will have the legal right to make a claim against the… Read more »

Motor vehicle accidents involving commercial vehicles

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) 3,986 people were killed in crashes involving large trucks in 2016. Additionally, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, approximately 83,000 people were injured in accidents with large trucks. Unfortunately, these numbers have been trending higher since 2009. In fact, fatalities in truck accidents increased by 26… Read more »

4 Common Swimming Pool Injuries

As the summer months come into full swing it’s safe to say that residents all across the Twin City area are going to enjoy some poolside fun in the sun. Whether you and your family decide to cool off at your own private residential pool, a community pool, a friend’s pool, or even one of… Read more »

Injured By A Dog In Minnesota Lawyer

Costly Cop K9 A St. Paul police dog bit a man law enforcement was attempting to subdue. The man fit the description of a suspect that was reported to have been involved in a fight. It turned out that the dog bite victim had nothing to do with the event. He just had the misfortune to… Read more »

Minnesota Bicycle Accident Lawsuits & How They Work

Cars & trucks are bigger than bicycles, it’s that simple.  When a motor vehicle and a bicycle are involved in an accident, the injuries and damage sustained to the bicyclist are almost always much more severe than any damage there may have been to the vehicle.  For this reason, it is important to know your… Read more »

Minnesota Dog Bite Lawsuits

Dog bite injuries are common in Minnesota and they occur in many different situations. Often dogs bite people in the home of a friend, relative, or acquaintance. Dog bite injuries may also occur in public areas where dogs are legally allowed to be off-leash, such as a dog park. However, leashed dogs being walked on… Read more »