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What You Need To Know About Minnesota Dog Bite Lawsuits

Millions of people are injured by dog bites in the United States every year, with a majority of victims being children. Injuries caused by dog bites can range in severity. Oftentimes, the injury may be more extensive than what is visible on the surface of the skin. A dog bite can damage tendons or muscles… Read more »

What are common defenses to dog bite cases in Minnesota?

Minnesota is a “strict liability” state when it comes to dog bites.  However, that does not mean that a defendant or their insurance company will lay down without a fight. The three most commonly raised defenses in these cases are: 1) that the injured person was provoking the dog; 2) that the injured person was… Read more »

What is Pain and Suffering Reimbursement?

You’ve been victimized in an accident. You have medical bills and some lost wages from time off work, and it’s clear the insurance company for the other party will pick up those exact costs. But what about the fact that your injuries have forced you to retire from the softball league at Rice and Arlington… Read more »

Tools to Fight Distracted Driving

Drunk driving and distracted driving are different acts with similar outcomes. They result in a driver operating at less than their best, putting lives at risk all across St. Paul and the Twin Cities. Drunk driving —- now called “driving while impaired” to account for drug-related effects — has historically received the most attention. Perhaps… Read more »

December Car Accidents in Minnesota

The Twin Cities have received our first real winter weather of the year, causing widespread commuting delays. Delays more than an hour were common, but many people dealt with more serious results of the storm than being late for work. The Pioneer Press reported that this past Monday and Tuesday there were over 500 single-vehicle… Read more »

Minneapolis & St. Paul Sidewalk Shoveling Laws

Local ordinances in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and across the state require that property owners clear snow and ice from their sidewalks. In St. Paul, snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours (St. Paul City Ordinance Chapters 113-114). In Minneapolis, there are different requirements for single-family homes/duplexes and commercial properties like apartments and businesses…. Read more »

Minnesota Winter Premises Liability | Slip & Falls

Winter weather has arrived in the Twin Cities. Every year, Minnesota sees an increase in injuries and accidents when the snow starts falling and temperatures drop below freezing. One of the most common causes of winter weather injuries are stairways or entryways of apartment buildings that have not been shoveled. Landlords have a legal duty… Read more »

The Importance of Property Maintenance in Minnesota

Each year many people are injured because of inadequate maintenance or the failure to make repairs. Especially in Minnesota, seemingly minor problems can quickly create dangerous conditions. One of the most common causes of injuries during Minnesota winters is falling on ice. Properly maintained walkways and parking lots are flat and provide for drainage and… Read more »

Winter Slip-and-Fall Injuries in Minnesota

Slip-and-fall injuries are some of the most common grounds for premises liability claims in Minnesota. The legal theory of premises liability is that the owners and operators of property need to exercise a reasonable amount of care to ensure that the property is safe for the people who use it. If the premises is unsafe,… Read more »

Minnesota Daycare Abuse and Injury Lawsuits

Finding a trustworthy daycare provider to protect your child’s wellbeing is a difficult process, even in the best of cases. Unfortunately, even a carefully chosen and properly licensed providers can violate this trust. There are many moving parts in a daycare injury or abuse case. Dealing with legal standards in the court system as well… Read more »