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Minneapolis & St. Paul Sidewalk Shoveling Laws

Local ordinances in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and across the state require that property owners clear snow and ice from their sidewalks. In St. Paul, snow and ice must be removed within 24 hours (St. Paul City Ordinance Chapters 113-114). In Minneapolis, there are different requirements for single-family homes/duplexes and commercial properties like apartments and businesses…. Read more »

Minnesota Winter Premises Liability | Slip & Falls

Winter weather has arrived in the Twin Cities. Every year, Minnesota sees an increase in injuries and accidents when the snow starts falling and temperatures drop below freezing. One of the most common causes of winter weather injuries are stairways or entryways of apartment buildings that have not been shoveled. Landlords have a legal duty… Read more »

The Importance of Property Maintenance in Minnesota

Each year many people are injured because of inadequate maintenance or the failure to make repairs. Especially in Minnesota, seemingly minor problems can quickly create dangerous conditions. One of the most common causes of injuries during Minnesota winters is falling on ice. Properly maintained walkways and parking lots are flat and provide for drainage and… Read more »

Minnesota Daycare Abuse and Injury Lawsuits

Finding a trustworthy daycare provider to protect your child’s wellbeing is a difficult process, even in the best of cases. Unfortunately, even a carefully chosen and properly licensed providers can violate this trust. There are many moving parts in a daycare injury or abuse case. Dealing with legal standards in the court system as well… Read more »

Fall Motorcycle Accidents In Minnesota

Though summer is winding down in Minnesota, motorcyclists in the Twin Cities are gearing up for fall rides to see the changing leaves and autumn colors. Unfortunately, this also means that the motorcycle injury season is not yet over. Automobile drivers have a poor reputation for motorcycle awareness on our roads. Most accidents between motorcycles… Read more »

How To Evaluate What A Personal Injury Case Is Worth In Minnesota

“What is my case worth?” This is the most common question I get from prospective clients. As lawyers, we learn two words in law school that continue to echo through our day to day practice: “It depends.”  Understandably, the phrase” it depends” is not the most comforting or reassuring term.  That being said, the more… Read more »

6 Things You Need to Know if You Get in a Motorcycle Accident

Cruising down the road in St. Paul, Minnesota on your motorcycle with the breeze rushing across your face is exhilarating. You feel connected with nature and for a time all the cares of life are left behind. Just the roar of the bike’s motor is all you hear. The road stretches out endlessly in front… Read more »