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Woodbury Car Accident Attorneys

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Experienced Car Accident Attorneys in Woodbury, Minnesota Ready to Help!

In US cities like Woodbury, Minnesota, it is common for people to drive their cars everyday. Whether it’s driving to and from work, taking the kids to school, or running errands, the last thing we want to happen is a car accident. They are usually far from our mind, but with how common collisions are, perhaps they shouldn’t be.

Serious car accidents happen every day in Woodbury, in Minnesota, and across the US. Some of the incidents leave the victims with a few bruises, but others can leave a driver dealing with severe injuries.

If you have been injured in a Woodbury car accident due to someone else’s negligence, speak with an experienced Minnesota person injury lawyer.

The compassionate and experienced Woodbury car accident lawyers at Sand Law have a reputation for handling Minnesota car accident cases with care, compassion, and zeal. We are willing to do whatever it takes to get our clients proper compensation and will not settle simply out of convenience. Insurance companies know that Sand Law is a serious firm; because of this, they often present us with higher offers and fear meeting us in open court. This long established reputation benefits our clients with higher settlements and a more stress-free experience.

Insurance may not be Enough for your Car Accident Injury

Most people assume that after a car accident their insurance company will handle their claim with their best interest in mind. After all, this is why you have insurance right?

But the thing is, insurance companies are in business to make a profit. They are not on your side and you are not in good hands. The bottomline in the most important thing to them. Because of this, insurance companies, even your own, often trick people into giving statements, signing acceptance letters, or doing anything they can to reduce what they have to pay out.

After a car accident, all your expenses will not be covered. They may fix your car, but you will also need to worry about how you will pay for medical bills, missed work, future medical appointments, life changes, pain and suffering, etc.

If an insurance company, yours or the other driver’s, is willing to pay some of the above expenses, they are probably low balling those numbers and possibly flat out denying others. This is why contacting an experienced Woodbury car accident attorney is so important after a you are involved in an accident.

Common Woodbury Car Accident Injuries

Some car accident victims are lucky and walk away from the incident with little or no injuries, while other suffer from severe and often debilitating injuries. These injuries can change a person’s life, sometimes for years and sometimes for life.

Some of the most common Woodbury car accident injuries include:

How Sand Law Can Help with your Woodbury Auto Accident

Woodbury car accidents are often caused by negligence or complete disregard for other’s safety from the other driver. They may have been driving while distracted or drunk, driving recklessly or carelessly, or simply disobeying the speed limit. The negligent driver may have been texting, talking on their phone, or scrolling social media. The list is endless, but unfortunately, media or technology related incidents are becoming one of the most common causes.

Once a negligent driver injures your or your loved ones, an array of medical, legal, financial, and logistical problems begin. Don’t handle these issues alone. Let the lawyers at Sand Law take care of the legal complications so you can focus on your family and your recovery.

Sand Law is Experienced in Many Types of Car Accidents

The Woodbury Car Accident Lawyers at Sand Law LLC have the experience and resources you would expect from a top Minnesota personal injury law firm. Our personal injury attorneys have the knowledge and skills to properly represent you and your interests, whether it’s in negotiations, pre-trial, or in a courtroom.

Sand Law handles all car accident related injuries and incidents including:

Avoiding Woodbury Car Accident Injuries

  • First of all, seatbelts save lives. Always wear one, no matter what.
  • Also, follow the speed limit. A few seconds meaning nothing in the grand scheme of things.
  • Avoid distractions. The text can wait and nobody has posted anything interesting to Facebook since 2012.
  • Keep you car and tires and working condition, including lights, brakes, and tire tread.
  • Drive like the other drivers around you are dangerous. Because they are.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately after your Accident

After a Woodbury Car Accident, seek medical treatment as soon as you can. Even if you feel fine, it is best to have a doctor check you over so that a hidden injuries is not waiting to wreck your life at a later date. Sometimes, it takes time for injuries to be noticeable. It is quite possible to be seriously injured in a car accident and not realize it.

To be clear, get a doctors opinion right away, no matter what. This doctor’s visit also helps document your injuries so that your attorney can later build a better case for you. If you wait 3 days to get treatment and it turns out you have a herniated disc, it won’t matter how bad it hurts, the opposing council will still use this delay to deny the severity of your injury.

Contact a Woodbury Car Accident Lawyer

The car accident lawyers at Sand Law have office locations in St Paul, White Bear Lake, and Woodbury. We are conveniently located to meet you for a free consultation with a top rated car accident attorney. Send us a message online or call 651-291-SAND (651-291-7263) today. There is no fee unless we obtain compensation for you!


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