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How Refusing Medical Treatment Affects Your Personal Injury Claim

How Refusing Medical Treatment Affects Your Personal Injury Claim - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Attorneys

A lot of people who are involved in a car accident might feel some neck or back pain and not think it’s that serious. It’s not until a few days later they realize something is wrong, and finally get medical treatment. Whether you’ve been in a car accident, a motorcycle accident, or any other type of accident caused by another’s negligence, there are a lot of ways delaying medical treatment could do major damage to your personal injury case.

The attorneys with Sand Law urge all accident victims to seek immediate medical help. Not only will it help your physical health, it will also help make your case as strong as possible. If you’ve been hurt due to a distracted driver, you suffered a slip and fall injury due to the negligence of a retail location, or you’ve been harmed by negligence in any other way, get in touch with us.

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Am I Allowed to Refuse Medical Treatment?

According to Minnesota state law, you have the right to refuse medical treatment. The only exception is during a national emergency, where people who are infected by, or exposed to, a toxic agent can spread an infection to someone else.

You’ve probably heard of people who tried to shrug off an injury after an accident. Maybe they said it really wasn’t that big of a deal. They might try to tough it out and not see a doctor. But there are a lot of seemingly minor injuries that can stem from an accident that can become major problems without medical help.

Don’t let your pride overtake common sense. If you don’t get medical assistance, you might wind up regretting it for the rest of your life.

Why an Injured Party Might Refuse Medical Treatment

It would seem that anyone who has been hurt in an accident would seek medical attention. But you’d be surprised at how many people don’t. Even some accident victims who have suffered potentially serious head injuries will simply go home and rest, hoping that the pain will go away and they’ll get back to normal.

There are some cases where the reasons for not seeing a healthcare professional run deeper than pride. There are people who have religious beliefs that prevent them from being treated by modern medicine. Some have a fear of seeing a doctor, and would rather suffer than undergo an examination.

The problem is that if you’re planning to file an insurance claim, and you refuse to get medical treatment, that will be playing right into the insurance company’s hands. You might either receive a settlement amount that is far less than your case is worth, or you might not obtain any compensation at all.

Does Refusing Medical Treatment Affect My Personal Injury Claim?

Without a doubt. In fact, you might not get a dime if you don’t get medical attention. Our attorneys have seen many sad examples of people who experienced years of financial misery because they lost their case. The insurance company got away with not paying them anything because they claimed the victim wasn’t injured at all – even though that victim suffered severe injuries.

Insurance companies don’t care about what’s right – they only care about making as much money as they possibly can. They’ll look for any reason possible to deny paying an injury claim. If you don’t see a doctor, you’ll be making the insurer’s job incredibly easy.

Not only is it essential you get medical attention. It’s just as vital that you do so as quickly as possible. Getting a thorough medical check up will allow your doctor to have the full picture of what’s wrong. And they will determine the best course of treatment.

Getting examined will also be critical to your case. If you’re going to take legal action, you only have a certain amount of time to do so. You won’t be able to pursue any compensation if you wait too long. An attorney with Sand Law can tell you more.

Why You Should Always Seek Medical Treatment Immediately Following an Injury

Getting the treatment you need will help you get back to normal faster. It will also greatly increase the chances that you’ll be able to obtain fair compensation for the suffering you’ve been forced to endure.

Seeking medical help will validate your claim. It will not only show you’ve been injured. It will also show that you’re willing to do what it takes to recover as quickly as possible. From a more tangible standpoint, it will help your attorney put a dollar amount on your case. Your legal representative will know how much money you’ll be paying for expenses such as medication, diagnostic exams, rehab, surgery and more. Your attorney will also have a good idea of how much your future medical costs may total.

It will be important that you carefully review your treatment options with your doctor. The two of you will be able to put together the best plan to ensure a full recovery.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney for Help With Your Claim

As you’ve already learned, it will be imperative that you talk to an attorney as soon as you can in order to have the best chance of obtaining compensation. You not only need to get medical attention, you’ll also need to produce the evidence needed in order to prove your case. A skilled attorney knows how to do just that by performing a thorough investigation of the accident that led to your injury.

Sand Law has years of experience helping accident victims get the money they need to cover damages such as medical bills, lost wages, property damage and more. If you would like to learn more about what we may be able to do for you, please use our online contact form or give us a call at 651-291-7263. We’ll go over the details of your case and let you know how we may be of assistance.