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Treatment for Common Back and Neck Injuries

To be “the backbone” of something has come to mean the most important element that holds the rest together. This phrase is popular with good reason. The muscles, nerves, and bones of the back greatly impact our mobility and the feeling in the rest of our bodies. These critical bones of the spine extend to the neck as well. When either body part becomes injured, the effects are debilitating. Fortunately, there are various treatments that can help to restore some functionality and relieve some pain. While treatments can be a significant cost after an accident, a personal injury attorney can help you to recover the expenses.

Causes of Neck and Back Injuries

Falls are the number two cause of spinal cord injuries among those who are 65 and older.

Car accidents are another major cause. They are the number one cause of spinal cord injuries in the country. In an instant, they contort the neck and back in unnatural ways. Whiplash is another common car accident injury. It is a type of soft tissue damage that affects over one million people in the United States annually. Neck pain is common among sufferers.

Types of Treatment

Some neck and back treatments are out-patient procedures. However, more invasive treatments like surgeries can be necessary.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is meant to decrease pain in the neck and back. Additionally, it restores some mobility and functionality. Physical therapy typically includes a series of stretches and other exercises. Your therapist may guide you through exercises at a facility then give you instructions to continue at-home exercises between visits. Therapists often also do heat or cold treats and ultrasounds to improve pain over the course of several or more sessions.


When a bone spur happens or a spinal disc slips out of space, pieces of bone can pinch the nerves. Corrective neck surgery can help to ease the pressure and pain in these cases. Similarly, vertebrae in the neck and back can cause pain when they grind together. Surgeries can be performed to put padding between the vertebral bones. In some situations, a discectomy, the full or partial removal or a damaged disc between the vertebrae, is necessary to relieve nerve pain.


Several types of injections can be administered to the neck and back. Some injections control pain. For example, steroid injections reduce swelling and inflammation. This relieves pressure on the nerves in the neck and the back.

Other spinal injections are used as a diagnostic tool to figure out specifics of an injury. For instance, damaged nerve roots can be detected through injections. In some cases, it is discovered that pain from other areas of the body is actually a result of damaged nerves in the back or neck.

How Much Does a Back/Neck Injury Cost?

No two injuries are the same. However, the costs of back and neck injuries can quickly add up. They’re a big contributor to the $2.8 trillion dollar annual cost of healthcare in the United States. Just one spinal surgery can easily exceed $100,000. Nationwide, the yearly costs directly related to back pain totals $96 million dollars a year.

The out of pocket cost per patient also varies based on the severity of the injury as well as the insurance coverage the patient has. As a patient, you can miss a significant amount of work because of back and neck injuries. Older patients typically take longer to heal. Regardless of age, a back or neck injury can leave you permanently disabled. You lose out on your wages as well as possible career advancements you could have had in your future. You’ll also have to pay for services you can no longer do for yourself. For instance, if you’re unable to drive, you’ll be forced to pay for transportation.

How to File a Lawsuit for Your Back/Neck Injury Damages

To begin a lawsuit for your injury, you file a summons and complaint against the party you believe is at fault. This gives that party 20 days to provide a written response. Once a response is given, there will be a series of written requests called motions that must be filed through the court to keep your lawsuit moving forward. The discovery process, the process in which evidence is gathered, begins as well.

Compiling evidence can be difficult if you don’t know where to start. There are also various filing deadlines to meet. To complicate matters, it is possible for documents to be rejected if they’re not done properly. This can be costly and time consuming. An experienced personal injury attorney can manage this process for you. Your attorney may also be able to settle your case through negotiations. That way you can avoid spending time in court.

Contact an Experienced Attorney

If another person has caused your back or neck injury, a personal injury attorney will be instrumental in recovering the expenses you need to move forward. At Sand Law, we’ve exceeded the expectations of countless clients when it comes to compensation. Our attorneys will carefully analyze your case to ensure that you receive all the damages you’re entitled to. Initial consultations are always free. Call us today at 651-291-7263 or contact us online or using our chat function.