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Car Accidents in Minneapolis

On average, over 200 motor vehicle accidents occur in Minnesota every day. In 2015, the latest year for which data is available from the state, there were over 74,000 crashes. These accidents left almost 30,000 Minnesotans injured and 411 people were killed. The total estimated economic impact of motor vehicle accidents in Minnesota was over $1.7 Billion. A significant majority of these accidents occur in Minneapolis and St. Paul or the surrounding metro area.

While the total impact of traffic accidents is huge, the impact on each individual involved in an accident is also very significant. Injured drivers incur massive expenses. In addition to repairing damaged vehicles, rising insurance premiums, and direct medical costs, many injured people miss work, lose wages, experience set-backs in their education, or suffer diminished earning potential. Unfortunately, some injuries lead to permanent disability. Obtaining compensation for the total, long-term costs resulting from an accident requires an analysis of current costs and anticipated future costs.

Insurance Issues

Often, filing an insurance claim for car repairs is only the beginning of a long process to recover costs and losses arising from a car accident.  Because Minnesota is a “no-fault” state, finding the right insurance company to hold responsible can be difficult. Depending on the details of the incident and the injury, primary coverage will almost always come from your own insurance policy, even if the accident was the other driver’s fault. This seems convenient at first, as your initial expenses are likely to be paid without much hassle. However, with car crash related injuries, insurance policy limits are quickly reached. Many injuries require ongoing treatment, including surgery and physical therapy. Even if your insurer covers the cost of initial treatment, you may be left on your own to cover future medical expenses or lost wages. In some cases, you may need to initiate a legal action against your own insurer to get the compensation you deserve. In other cases, you may need to file a suit to motivate the at-fault driver’s insurer to cooperate.

Our Attorneys Have The Experience You Need On Your Side

Our personal injury attorneys have extensive experience in litigating motor vehicle accident claims in the Twin Cities and around the state. We will ensure that your claim is handled efficiently and expeditiously. Insurance companies tend to rely on complication and paperwork to avoid paying full compensation. By engaging an experienced attorney, you can cut through the red tape and bureaucracy and get the compensation that you deserve.

In addition to measurable monetary damages relating to the cost of medical treatment, missed work, and other costs, you may be entitled to compensation for pain and suffering and permanent injuries. If an injury prevents you from continuing with your daily life, hobbies, or recreational activities, you can be compensated for that as well. Any offer you receive from an insurance company will not include compensation for these types of damages. Pain and suffering damages can be equal or even greater than the actual medical expenses.

Or lawyers can also work with you to reduce the amount of money claimed by your health insurer after you receive a settlement or jury award. Insurance companies have a right to recover costs that they have already paid and will try to claim their share of any settlement or award.

If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident in Minneapolis, St. Paul or anywhere in the metro area, contact Sand Law today to discuss how we may be able to help you. It is important to act quickly and to document all details related to the accident and your injury. We understand that the most important thing for you to do following an injury is focus on your recovery. With our representation, you can focus on what matters most and get back to full health.