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Minneapolis Sideswipe Car Accidents

Side-swipe accidents are particularly troublesome, because they can sometimes be difficult to see coming, and can be hard to avoid. Not only can they destroy vehicles, they can also result in debilitating injuries that are incredibly expensive to treat. If you were injured in a Minneapolis sideswipe or other type of car accident, contact Sand Law.

If you’ve been hurt in this kind of accident, and the other driver (or some other party) is to blame, then the car accident attorneys with Sand Law will be ready to help you obtain compensation. Not only will we protect you from the other driver’s insurance company, we’ll also strive to uncover the evidence it will take to help you win your case.

You should get in touch with our firm as soon as you can so we can immediately begin an investigation. You can call us at 651-291-7263 for a free case evaluation, or you can use our online contact form.

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What is a Side-Swipe Accident?

As the name implies, a side-swipe accident takes place when two vehicles are traveling in the same direction, and one slams into the side of the other. Most of the time, one of the drivers commits some type of negligence, as you’ll learn in the next section.

Causes of Side-Swipe Accidents

Just about any kind of car accident can happen for a variety of reasons, and side-swipe wrecks are no exception. But one of the biggest culprits is inattention on the part of one of their drivers. These are just a few of the typical reasons side-swipe accidents occur.

  • One of the drivers is impaired due to drug or alcohol use.
  • The negligent driver doesn’t remember to look at their blind spot when making a lane change.
  • Driving while distracted – examples include using their smartphone to talk or text, looking down to switch radio stations, or simply daydreaming and losing focus on their surroundings.
  • Reckless or aggressive driving.
  • Failing to account for road conditions, such as icy or wet pavement.

Where do Side-Swipe Accidents Occur?

Anywhere two or more vehicles are moving in the same direction, there will be a risk for a side-swipe accident. While all car accidents can be dangerous, a side-swipe wreck that takes place on a highway is especially frightening.

The reason is obviously because of the higher speeds involved. Plus, as stated earlier, both drivers are typically taken by complete surprise, and are unprepared as a result. One of the drivers may overcompensate, and could easily lose control of their vehicle. When this happens, other vehicles could easily be involved in a huge chain-reaction accident, which can lead to disaster.

Do Side-Swipe Accidents Cause Severe Injuries?

Without a doubt. It’s somewhat ironic that the initial accident usually doesn’t create much of an impact – at least not enough to put drivers or passengers in a lot of danger. It’s what happens afterward, when drivers over-react out of shock and surprise. They can hit other cars, of course, but they can also hit stationary objects, such as guardrails, highway signs, bridge supports and others. This is where the risk of severe injuries – or even worse – increases significantly.

Common Serious Injuries Caused by Sideswipe Car Accidents

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI). There are a lot of horrible injuries car accidents cause, but there’s nothing worse than a TBI. It can drastically impact a victim’s life, leading to not just cognitive impairments, but emotional ones as well. A victim can find it nearly impossible to do the things that previously were completely natural, like making their own meals, or even tying their own shoes. TBI victims can undergo personality changes because they’re so frustrated they can no longer accomplish everyday tasks.
  • Amputation. When a crash is serious enough, it can do so much damage to a vehicle that drivers and passengers experienced crushed limbs. These injuries will oftentimes be impossible to treat, leaving medical professionals with no alternative but to amputate.
  • Broken bones. Even if someone is “lucky” enough to escape a side-swipe accident with a broken bone or leg, the pain can still be excruciating. Most of the time, however, this kind of injury will completely heal with the proper medical attention. But they can still keep people from being to work for an extended amount of time.
  • Back and spinal cord injuries. When someone suffers a severe back injury, they could have to endure years of pain. It could also rob them of their ability to do the things they once loved. Spinal cord injuries can be even worse, possibly resulting in permanent paralysis.

Proving Liability in a Side-Swipe Accident Case

It can sometimes be hard to figure out exactly who’s to blame for a side-swipe accident. Most of the time, the motorist who drifts into another driver’s lane will be held responsible. All motorists, of course, are required to only change lanes when it’s clear they have enough room to do so safely. They not only have to signal, they also must check their blind spots to make sure they don’t hit another vehicle. If the side-swiped car was parked, then, of course, the driver of the moving vehicle will be at fault.

You’re going to need the help of an attorney to prove that you weren’t in any way to blame for the wreck. A seasoned legal representative will be able to show the other driver’s insurance company that the wreck was their fault.

They may, for example, be able to get footage from any nearby surveillance cameras that caught the collision as it happened. If the other driver was texting, your attorney can seek phone records to show they’re to blame because they were distracted.

Steps to Take After You’re Involved in an Accident

The first thing you’ll need to do after a side-swipe accident, of course, will be to call for medical attention. You might think you’re okay, but get checked out anyway. You could be feeling that way because of adrenaline. When that wears off, you could be in trouble if you don’t see a doctor. While you’re waiting for help to arrive, take photos and videos of the accident scene, if possible. Also, talk to any witnesses and get their contact information.

Your next step should be to contact Sand Law as soon as possible so we can launch our investigation into the collision. Our team of experts has the skill, experience and resources needed to gather the critical evidence you’ll need.

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