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Winter Motor Vehicle Accidents

Minnesota winter road conditions are infamously dangerous. Low visibility, less daylight, snow, slush, and ice combine to form hazardous conditions. However, poor road conditions do not excuse a driver’s duty to exercise due care and reasonable caution when operating a vehicle. Drivers who end up in an accident because of negligence or a failure to comply with the law may still be held liable for injuries and damages that they cause.

People continue to use cell-phones, drive while intoxicated, or otherwise drive in an unlawful and unsafe manner during the winter. The winter conditions simply make these risky driving habits more dangerous and expose more people to injuries.

Vehicle Damage May Not Reflect the Extent of Personal Injuries

Every winter, thousands of people in the Twin Cities and around the state are involved in seemingly minor car accidents. Slippery conditions around intersections result in a lot of “fender benders” and low-speed accidents. Single vehicle accidents are also common in the winter as cars slide off the road into the ditch in an attempt to avoid other vehicles. The damage to the vehicle might be minimal and injuries might not be immediately apparent, but unfortunately, these types of accidents often produce injuries that require treatment over a long period of time.

Some of the most common winter car accident injuries are soft-tissue injuries to the neck caused by “whiplash.” People have a tendency to brush these injuries off, thinking that the pain and soreness will go away with time. Sometimes, this works. However, many people discover weeks or even months later that the pain, stiffness, and lack of mobility has persisted or worsened. Neck and upper back pain often also produces headaches and cause trouble sleeping. A neck injury can also impair a person’s ability to work.

People find it difficult to obtain compensation through insurance for these types of injuries for a variety of reasons. First, if the patient did not seek treatment for the injury immediately following the accident, the insurer may deny coverage by claiming the injury was not caused by the accident. Insurance companies also deny or limit injury claims when the vehicle damage is relatively minor. The third method insurers will use to deny claims is to subject the patient to an endless barrage of paperwork and red tape, requiring medical examinations by the insurer’s doctor, and dragging out the process in hopes that the patient gives up.

How We Can Help

Sand Law is a premier St. Paul personal injury firm with a dedicated litigation team ready to handle any personal injury claim in the Twin Cities and across the state. Our car accident attorneys have experience dealing with the injury compensation process from beginning to end. Working with Sand Law allows you to pursue the treatment you need to restore your health – without haggling with the insurance company or debating each visit to your medical professional. We have earned a reputation among insurance adjusters and their defense attorneys for negotiating favorable settlements for our clients early in the litigation process. At the same time, Sand Law is a firm built on litigation and is always ready and willing to go to trial in order to ensure the best outcome for our clients. Having an attorney that is experienced in identifying the legal liability on the part of negligent drivers, and holding their insurers responsible to award you the compensation you deserve is crucial for any car accident claim.

If you have been injured in an accident due to the negligence of another driver, contact Sand Law today to find out how we can help.