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Minnesota Car Crash Caused by Unlicensed Driver

What Happens if I’m Involved in an Accident with an Unlicensed Driver - Sand Law LLC Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

Being severely injured in a car wreck is already bad enough. If you were injured in a Minnesota car crash by an unlicensed driver, that makes things even more frustrating – and more complex. This is why it will be even more important to hire a skilled Minnesota car accident attorney as quickly as you can. An attorney will navigate the complexities of this type of case on your behalf so you can focus on recovering as quickly as possible.

Sand Law has the skill and experience needed to help you obtain maximum compensation. Even if the negligent driver who caused your accident didn’t have a license. We will tell you everything you want to know about your case, and keep you updated at all times.

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Why are They Driving Without a License?

As hard as it may be to believe, there are actually millions of people who operate motor vehicles in the United States every day who are unlicensed. They do this for a lot of different reasons, including the following.

Suspended or Revoked Licenses

Someone may feel they have to drive, even though they had their license suspended or even revoked. They may have been convicted of driving while drunk, or under the influence of drugs. Or they may have lost their license because they didn’t maintain insurance. They could have caused so many wrecks in the past that their privilege to drive was taken away.

But they continue to do so. Either because they have to drive in order to be able to work or for whatever reason.

Drivers with Learning Permits

Many teenagers will drive when they shouldn’t. When someone only has a learner’s permit, there are strict limitations regarding when they can be behind the wheel. Younger drivers, for example, are not allowed to drive between midnight and 5 a.m., with a few exceptions. If they’re younger than 18, they’re not allowed to drive while using a cell phone.

But that doesn’t keep these inexperienced motorists off the road when they’re not supposed to be there, of course. When the weather is bad and road conditions become more challenging, the risks increase even further.

Completely Unlicensed Driver

While this is definitely rare, it does happen. There are actually people on the roads who never even obtained a driver’s license in the first place.

Why are Unlicensed Drivers Dangerous?

There’s a reason someone doesn’t have a license. They either drove while impaired, didn’t bother to carry even liability insurance, or drove so recklessly that they either caused a severe injury or killed someone on the road. It only makes sense that these drivers are inherently more dangerous than those who are responsible enough to obtain – and keep – a valid license.

How Does an Unlicensed Driver Affect My Minnesota Car Crash Claim?

As you might expect, a driver who doesn’t have a license is more likely to not have insurance coverage. In the vast majority of Minnesota car crash cases, an insurance company either won’t cover an unlicensed driver. Or they will make it very difficult for that driver to obtain a policy. The driver might have had insurance at one time, but the company dropped them when their license was suspended or revoked.

This is where your case could get very complicated, very quickly. The negligent driver might have actually had coverage at the time of the accident, even without a license. But the insurer may refuse to pay for the damages, or monetary losses, you’ve incurred due to the collision. The insurance company could claim that the driver breached their policy by being unlicensed.

But what if the unlicensed driver was behind the wheel of someone else’s vehicle, someone who has insurance coverage? If the vehicle was stolen, the insurer will more than likely deny your claim. But if the driver had the owner’s permission to operate the vehicle, then an experienced attorney could force the insurer to pay the money you deserve.

An unlicensed motorist could have been driving a vehicle for work, one that’s owned by the company. If that’s the case, then the company could be held liable for your damages.

How to Protect Yourself After You’re Hit by an Unlicensed Driver

Whether the negligent driver who caused your accident was licensed or unlicensed, you’re going to need evidence to prove you deserve the compensation you seek. Taking the right steps after an accident can greatly improve your chances of doing just that.

The first thing to do after any sort of accident is to get medical attention as quickly as you can, even if you don’t think you’ve been badly hurt. There are some types of injuries that don’t show themselves until days – or even weeks – after a wreck. If you fail to get immediate medical help, you’ll not only be putting your health in jeopardy, you will also damage your case.

Next, call the police so they can file a police report, and then write down the make, model and registration number of the vehicle driven by the unlicensed motorist.

Take pictures of the accident scene if possible, and get in touch with your insurance company as soon as you can. This will help protect your ability to file an uninsured motorist claim if needed.

Once all that is done, contact a car accident attorney so that your rights will be protected. This will be your best chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve.

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