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10 Common Car Accident Injuries

When a car accident happens, the results can be devastating, leading to a wide variety of potential injuries that can have lifelong impacts. Not only do these injuries result in severe pain, they often also result in astronomical medical bills that can easily reach into the tens of thousands of dollars. Victims will, in many instances, not be able to work for months – if they can ever work again. Here we discuss the 10 most common car accident injuries we see.

If this has happened to you because of the negligence of another driver, you’re going to need to speak with a personal injury lawyer as soon as you can. It will be your only realistic chance of obtaining the compensation you deserve for the suffering you’ve experienced. The attorneys with Sand Law are ready to help you do just that. We have a great deal of experience, and we’ll be ready to fight for your rights.

Here’s a list of 10 of the different types of injuries that typically result from a car accident. If you would like to learn how we may be able to help, you can contact us online or give us a call at 651-291-7263 for a free review of your case.

10 Common Car Accident Injuries - Sand Law LLC - St Paul Minneapolis White Bear Lake Woodbury Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

1. Soft Tissue Injuries

Your muscles and skin are considered to be soft tissues. During a car wreck, the body can be subjected to incredibly strong forces that could easily cause a great deal of damage to the soft tissues. These injuries include puncture wounds, whiplash, and many others. When someone suffers a broken bone, that can also damage muscles – and, in some severe instances, even the skin. Tendon, ligament and muscle tears are also common.

If there is any encouraging news, it’s that a soft tissue injury can, in many instances, heal on its own without any extensive treatment. In others, however, several medical procedures might be required.

2. Traumatic Brain InjuriesTraumatic Brain Head Neck Injury - 10 Common Car Accident Injuries - Sand Law LLC - St Paul Minneapolis White Bear Lake Woodbury Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

While there are several kinds of severe injuries that can result from an automobile accident, it can easily be argued that there’s nothing worse than a traumatic brain injury. A TBI can rob a victim of their ability to do the things that most of us take for granted every day. Victims will often not be able to tie their shoes, make their own meals, or even feed themselves. Unfortunately, a TBI can sometimes result in permanent debilitation.

3. Head and Neck Injuries

A TBI is one of the most severe forms of head injury, but concussions can lead to severe complications as well. It occurs when the victim’s head strikes a hard surface with so much force that the brain slams against the inside of the skull. Symptoms include confusion, loss of consciousness, severe headaches, fatigue and even amnesia.

Neck injuries also occur on a regular basis. Whiplash, for example, typically occurs when a car is involved in a rear-end collision. The head and neck violently whip back and forth, sometimes leading to severe neck damage that can last for months.

4. Spinal Cord Injuries

A spinal cord injury can be even more devastating than a TBI since it can lead to complete paralysis. Even if someone is fortunate enough to retain full mobility, they could still be in so much pain that they can no longer function normally. They may also experience numbness in their arms and legs that could persist as long as they live.

5. Back Injuries

Most people might view a back injury as more of an annoyance than anything. However, a severe back injury can be not only excruciating, it can also dramatically impact a victim’s quality of life. Even a so-called “minor” car accident, one that occurs at a low rate of speed, can damage the upper back. Accidents at higher speeds will often do a great deal of damage to the lower back, destroying ligaments, tendons, bones, muscles, and other structures.

6. Breaks and FracturesBroken Fractured Bones - 10 Common Car Accident Injuries - Sand Law LLC - St Paul Minneapolis White Bear Lake Woodbury Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

Whether an accident results due to speeding, faulty brakes, or any other reason, drivers and passengers will often suffer fractured and broken bones. These injuries will typically heal without the need for a lot of treatment. A doctor will place a broken limb in a cast, take it off in a few weeks, and the limb will be completely healed. But for severe broken bones, multiple surgeries might be needed.

7. Bruises and Lacerations

You might not think a bruise could be serious, but there are times when the opposite is true. Severe bruises can result in complications that can last for months. One is known as “compartment syndrome,” which is rapid bleeding that can cause extreme swelling a few hours after the initial injury. This blood, as well as other fluids, can pool, putting an incredible amount of pressure on the affected limb. This can rob the limb of the nourishment it needs, and it can also disrupt blood glow. Urgent surgery is typically the only way to relieve that pressure and restore normal function.

Lacerations can be just as serious. Broken glass, jagged pieces of metal, and other hazards can tear into skin so extensively that bleeding can quickly get out of control. If that bleeding isn’t stopped as quickly as possible, the victim could die.

8. Burns

Any kind of vehicle contains a lot of fluids that can catch fire during an accident. This can result in excruciating burn injuries that often require several different skin grafts and other procedures. When that fire hits a combustible component, there could be an explosion that leads to even worse devastation.

9. Amputation

A crush injury is a particularly horrible kind of car accident injury. It can damage the affected limb so badly that it can’t be saved. If this is the case, amputation is the only alternative.

10. Internal Injuries

All serious car accident injuries can be life-threatening, but internal injuries are among the most dangerous due to the potential for potentially fatal internal bleeding. To make matters worse, someone in a car accident may have so much adrenaline running through them that they have no idea how badly they’re hurt. They may put off getting medical treatment and could possibly die as a result.

Sand Law Can Help You Get Compensation You Deserve for Your Car Accident Injuries

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