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What Causes Rollover Crashes?

What Causes Rollover Crashes - Sand Law Minnesota

There are far too many vehicle accidents on Minnesota roads, year in and year out. While any kind of car accident can lead to catastrophic results, of course, a rollover accident is among the worst. Rollovers are relatively rare, accounting for only about 3% of all crashes on average. However, they account for 30% of fatalities – underscoring just how dangerous they are. 

At Sand Law, we’ve represented several clients who either suffered severe injuries or, tragically, lost loved ones in rollover accidents. If you’ve been hurt, or someone close to you has died due to a rollover accident caused by someone else’s negligence, please get in touch with us as soon as you can to learn more about how we may be able to help. You can use our online contact form to schedule a free case review, or you can give us a call at 651-291-7263.

Here’s some information that will give you a better idea of why these horrible accidents occur. 

What is a Rollover Crash?

As the name implies, a rollover crash happens when a vehicle flips over to its side or its roof. In most instances, the affected vehicle will tip over on one side, but there are other instances where it will wind up in a position where its roof makes contact with the ground. Many rollovers result in a vehicle making several rotations before finally coming to rest. 

The majority of rollover accidents involve only one vehicle, and about half of them take place when the driver is the only person inside.  

Top Causes of Rollover Crashes

There are two main types of rollover vehicles – tripped and un-tripped. In a tripped accident, the vehicle hits something, such as a ditch, a curb, road debris, or another vehicle. In an untripped rollover, the vehicle flips without being affected by any kind of external force.

These are just a few of the more common reasons rollover accidents happen.


This is probably the most common cause of rollover crashes, whether they involve one vehicle or multiple vehicles. When a motorist is traveling too fast, they can’t react as quickly as they could if they were going the speed limit. They might have to try to avoid something in the road or avoid another driver, tipping to one side as a result. 

Drunk Driving

Drunk drivers also can’t react fast enough when presented with a sudden change in the road. They’ll likely drive too fast, or drive recklessly – increasing the chances that their vehicle will rollover. 

Reckless Driving on Country Roads

Most roads in rural areas can have surprising twists and turns. When someone is going too fast, and they don’t realize they’re about to come upon a sharp turn, they may overcorrect. This can result in a rollover. Sometimes, motorists are distracted by looking at their phones while driving to get directions when they’re on an unfamiliar road. This can also cause their vehicle to tip over.

Driving on Damaged or Old Tires

Tire failure can also contribute to a rollover accident. This could be due to excessive wear, or it could be due to hitting something in the road that causes a blowout. Whatever the reason, this failure can make it almost impossible to keep control of a vehicle – especially a higher-profile vehicle such as a commercial truck or an SUV. 

Turning Too Quickly

This is another common cause of rollovers that can be attributed to distracted driving. A motorist might be talking or texting on their phone, changing the music, or reaching for something in the passenger seat. They’re traveling at a high rate of speed on a highway or a city street and realize they’re about to miss their turn-off. When they try to turn suddenly, they lose control and rollover. 

Forceful Side-Impact

Vehicles will sometimes roll over after being hit from the side – a type of collision typically referred to as a T-bone accident. Not only is a T-bone accident incredibly dangerous, but the results can also be even worse when a vehicle ends up on its side or on its roof.

Common Injuries Associated with Rollover Crashes

As you can imagine, a rollover is a particularly violent kind of car crash, one that can lead to debilitating, permanent injuries – mainly due to the higher chances that occupants will be ejected. This is just a partial look at some of the injuries that can occur.

  • Traumatic brain injuries – A TBI can happen due to an ejection or a vehicle occupant hitting their head on an object. It can be a life-altering experience, robbing a victim of the ability to perform even the most basic everyday tasks, and oftentimes requiring 24-hour care.
  • Spinal cord injuries – When a rollover victim is thrown out of a vehicle, the impact can be so devastating that it leads to a potentially fatal spinal cord injury. Even if the accident doesn’t result in death, the damage can result in the victim being paralyzed for life.
  • Bone fractures – Broken bones can also result from being ejected from a vehicle, or from striking the dashboard, steering wheel, or other parts of the vehicle’s interior. Limbs will often be crushed, sometimes resulting in damage so severe that amputation is required. 

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