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Harm Involving Schools

Harm Involving Schools -  Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Personal Injury Lawyers

Has Your Child Suffered Harm At School?

As a parent, you are put in a very difficult situation when your child has suffered abuse, discrimination or injury at school. It can be hard to think about filing a claim when your child may continue to attend the school, love his or her teachers, or when you may even volunteer there on a regular basis.

None of the reasons above should stop you from obtaining the compensation your child deserves. They should simply prompt you to be very selective when choosing a law firm to represent you and your child.

At Sand Law, our attorneys and staff are extremely sensitive to your concerns. What is more important is that we have handled many child injury cases involving schools. We know how to deal with the bureaucracy professionally and effectively. We also understand all of the unique challenges associated with cases against a government agency such as immunity issues.

With offices in White Bear Lake and Saint Paul, our lawyers can represent you and your child in cases throughout Minnesota involving harm at school, including:

Common Minnesota School Injuries

There are a few kinds of injuries that are a bit more commonly suffered among the students of Minnesota schools. These injuries can be caused by a number of different accidents caused by the negligence of the school. These injuries deserve compensation for the extensive damages that they can cause and can be the center of a Minnesota personal injury claim.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Students can sometimes suffer a blow to the head either through a sports accident, tripping and falling, or simply through an assault. Regardless of the cause, a blow to the head has the potential to cause damage to the brain and be classified as a traumatic brain injury. traumatic brain injuries are known for their penchant of causing cognitive issues due to damage to the brain, This damage can also end up being permanent which can drastically affect a person’s life. This is compounded by the fact that the damage is caused in the early part of a student’s life which negatively affects brain development. Some of the most common traumatic brain injuries are concussions, brain contusions, and skull fractures.

Broken Bones

Our skeleton is a remarkably strong structure that has a number of functions so any blow strong enough to break bones is quite significant. When a student breaks a bone at school, odds are that it will be one of the bones that make up a limb like an arm or leg. These breaks are painful and can limit mobility but they are also fairly straightforward to treat and typically don’t cause any lasting damage. However, there are bones that can cause severe damage when they break. For example, a broken rib can sometimes puncture a lung and a broken pelvis can cause damage to organs in the abdomen or open a major blood vessel.

Lacerations and Contusions

People can suffer cuts and bruises almost anywhere from simple trauma like falls or exposure to sharp materials. While simple cuts and bruises are nothing to write home about, more severe examples of these injuries can cause much more damage. students can be exposed to a number of things at school that can inadvertently cause immense physical trauma or deep lacerations that can leave massive scars or leave a student with permanent damage.

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