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Understanding How Motorcycle Bias Can Affect Your Claim

Understanding How Motorcycle Bias Can Affect Your Claim - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

It’s an unfortunate component of just about every motorcycle accident case – and if you don’t have a skilled attorney, it could keep you from getting the money you deserve. It’s motorcycle bias. Even though it doesn’t have any rational basis, it’s a real thing, and it has been for decades. The importance of having a strong legal representative fighting for your rights simply can’t be overstated if you’re a rider who’s been hurt in an accident that was someone else’s fault.

The good news is that Sand Law has a team of attorneys who have a lot of experience representing bikers, and we know how to handle motorcycle bias, whether it’s coming from an insurance company, a jury, or anyplace else. You can rest assured that we will do everything we can to gather the proof it will take to overcome this bias, and help you obtain fair compensation.

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What is Unfair Motorcycle Bias?

You could make the case that motorcycle bias goes all the way back to the 1950s. Then, Marlon Brando played a rebel biker in the movie “The Wild One”. It might even go back farther than that.

You’ve no doubt seen a television show featuring a menacing pack of riders terrorizing an innocent family. It seems that just about every depiction of a motorcyclist is something negative.

Well, people grew up seeing these TV shows and movies. And the image of the outlaw motorcyclist became etched in their minds. They immediately think that all riders are reckless, if not downright bad people. If they’re involved in an accident, it must be their fault.

Police officers are people, too, of course, and they often have the same biases. That can make it extremely hard for a rider to get fair compensation for their medical bills, lost wages, and other damages (monetary losses) they’ve suffered due to their accident.

Motorcycle Bias from Insurance Companies

It’s common knowledge that insurance companies will commonly use bad faith practices in an effort to deny policyholders rightful compensation in the event of an accident. After all, they’re in business to pay as little money as they possibly can, so they can keep their profits as high as possible.

They not only have biases against motorcyclists, they will often use those biases to their advantage when trying to deny a claim. When dealing with novice attorneys, they may try to convince them not to fight their decision. They’ll convince them that no jury would rule in favor of a rider anyway. So why bother taking the case to court?

Insurers will also offer less money than a biker deserves because it was the rider’s decision to get on a motorcycle, knowing full well that it’s incredibly dangerous to do so. The rider chose to accept the risk. So that person will certainly be at least partly to blame for an accident – if not completely to blame.

It takes a very seasoned, very skilled attorney to fight this despicable behavior. More often than not, that attorney can deliver the evidence that can make that weak, unfounded argument fall apart very, very quickly.

Motorcycle Bias from Jury Members

So, you’ve suffered a severe injury in a motorcycle accident that will likely lead to years of debilitation – and a mountain of medical bills. Yet the insurance company has either denied your claim, or has offered you a ridiculously low – even insulting – settlement. Your attorney has tried to negotiate with the insurer but it won’t budge. The only other option is to go to court.

This is yet another situation where you’ll need the help of an attorney who knows how to defeat motorcycle bias. The reason is that the jury in your case will very likely have that bias.

Not only are many jurors biased, they will often have no idea how a motorcycle even works. For example, let’s say the police officer, or a witness to the accident, said that you sped up before you made a turn right before the wreck. They don’t know that’s how motorcycles actually work. Riders have to increase their speed in order to safely take a turn.

But if you have a strong attorney by your side, you can be confident they will be able to provide rock-solid evidence that can nullify any bias jury members may have.

How Can Motorcycle Bias Damage Your Case?

You’ve already seen how inexperienced attorneys could easily be defeated by motorcycle bias, making it nearly impossible for accident victims to recoup their losses. These biases can come from multiple directions, and they can be very damaging.

For example, an insurance adjuster may simply assume motorcyclists are reckless. And therefore, the accident had to have been at least partially your fault. Again, the jury might not know how motorcycles operate. Or they may have their own ingrained biases. They might not even consider the fact that, even in a single-vehicle motorcycle accident, a negligently manufactured part, such as the carburetor or the brakes, could have failed. The rider may have lost control as a result of that failure.

Not only can this be a problem for riders, but also any passengers they may have been transporting at the time of the accident.

Hire an Experienced Attorney to Defend You Against Unfair Motorcycle Bias

As you can see, motorcycle bias can make accident cases incredibly difficult to win. We can’t overstate just how important it will be to have a highly qualified motorcycle accident attorney working on your behalf. That’s exactly what you’ll get when you turn to Sand Law.

We have a long track record of success helping our motorcycle accident clients obtain fair compensation. Even though bias threatened to derail their cases. Learn more about what we may be able to do for you by contacting us online or calling 651-291-7263 for a free case review.