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Fall Motorcycle Accidents In Minnesota

Fall Motorcycles Accidents in Minnesota - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Motorcycle Accident Personal Injury Attorney

Motorcycle accident causes are linked to Minnesota’s unique cycle of seasons.

Though summer is winding down in Minnesota, motorcyclists in the Twin Cities are gearing up for fall rides to see the changing leaves and autumn colors. Unfortunately, this also means that the motorcycle injury season is not yet over.

Automobile drivers have a poor reputation for motorcycle awareness on our roads. Most accidents between motorcycles and other vehicles occur because the driver of the automobile was not paying attention. There are several factors that play a role in this. For example, drivers often change lanes without signaling, they often cross intersections when an approaching motorcycle has the right of way, and in other instances, the driver is distracted by cell phone use or conversations with passengers. One of the primary factors in motorcycle accidents that involve other vehicles is the difference in risk. It goes without saying that the risk of injury is much higher for a motorcyclist. Even with proper protective gear, a collision with a vehicle may cause serious injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

An increased risk that arises when a motorcycle collides with another vehicle is that of a head injury. Helmet technology has made great advances, but no helmet can guarantee protection from a concussion or other traumatic brain injury (also known as a “TBI”).

TBIs may not be as obvious as other types of injuries. However, they are every bit as dangerous. Many times, the full impact of a TBI will not be realized immediately. The effects of a TBI can initially seem subtle, such as having difficulty remembering details, confusion, or difficulty concentrating. These symptoms often make it difficult for accident victims to continue working or attending school without treatment.

When it comes to getting the necessary treatment for a TBI, convincing the at-fault driver’s insurance company to cover the cost can be difficult. Insurance adjusters will attempt to allege that cognitive issues were pre-existing, that the symptoms are less serious than the victim claims, or even challenge that a TBI even occurred. At the very least, accident victims will be subjected to seemingly endless requests for additional documentation, further medical examinations, and debate over the final amount of damages.

Other Injuries

Other common injuries suffered in motorcycle accidents involve the lower body. On the first impression, an injury to the legs may seem less serious than an upper-body injury. However, knees and ankles are delicate and complex joints. Injured knees and ankles are temporarily immobilizing, and often result in missed work and lost wages. After the cast or brace comes off, extensive rehabilitation is often required to achieve a full recovery. The rehabilitation and physical therapy process are where an accident victim is likely to encounter resistance from insurance adjusters.

Insurance companies pressure injured people to settle for an amount that will save their company the most amount of money. Many times, this course of action differs from what the injured party’s medical providers have recommended. Insurance companies will require patients to be examined by insurance company doctors in what is known as an“Independent Medical Examinations” or “IME”. These doctors often recommend a “quick fix” instead of a thorough recovery plan. Sand Law’s personal injury practice is committed to ensuring that the compensation our clients receive is sufficient for the medical treatment advised by the client’s own doctors – not just the cheapest option selected by the insurance company.

Don’t let the insurance company drag their feet or push you around

Our personal injury attorneys take a more aggressive approach than most law firms. It is not a strategy that works for everyone, but we find that it gets the best results. By taking this approach, we strive to be in the driver’s seat – not the insurance company. We hire investigators and experts that get to the bottom of what really happened. We move thoroughly and swiftly to make sure that your case does not get put on the back burner.

In the case of a motorcycle accident with a complex and serious injury like a TBI, it is important to have a personal injury attorney with experience in motorcycle injuries on your side. Sand Law’s attorneys help motorcyclists in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, and across Minnesota.  We build your case with a systematic process that postures you to be awarded the compensation you deserve and the treatment that you need.

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