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Safety Tips for Riding a Motorcycle in a Group

Avoiding Accidents When Riding in a Motorcycle Group

Motorcyclists often elect to ride together as is natural for fellow riders. The history of motorcycles is fraught with brotherhoods of riders taking to the road together. Riding with a group is a good way to increase motorcycle visibility which is one of the primary factors when it comes to motorcycle accidents but it should also be noted that riding within a group of motorcyclists also comes with its share of dangers and risks. Keep these safety tips in mind when riding your motorcycle. If you’re injured in a motorcycle accident, contact Sand Law at 651-291-7263 or online using our contact form.

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Motorcycle Accident Injury Claims

Motorcyclists can be involved in especially dangerous accidents when riding in a group. One driver can collide with another’s motorcycle and cause a chain reaction where the group falls like dominoes. The injuries caused by such a deadly accident can ruin a person’s life but in the event that an accident was caused by a liable party’s negligence, a motorcycle accident victim may be able to seek compensation for the damages they suffered by filing a motorcycle accident injury claim.

Pursuing compensation through a motorcycle accident claim is no simple matter. Plaintiffs will have to worry about collecting evidence in an investigation of the accident, negotiating with insurance companies, and following the legal process all while still recovering from an accident injury. Don’t try to go it alone and consider Sand Law as your legal representation in this trying time. Our lawyers will assist you in securing the compensation you need with the same dedication and insight that has helped so many other’s with similar cases before. To schedule a consultation with Sand Law you can contact us online or you can call 651-291-7263.

Motorcycle Group Riding Safety Tips

Ensure Motorcycles are in Proper Condition

Before embarking on a ride with a group of fellow motorcyclists, it is imperative that you ensure that your motorcycle is up to par. Group rides may be long so be sure that you have the appropriate amount of fuel. Proper motorcycle maintenance is always important but especially so when riding in a group. A tire with low pressure or problems with your brake lines can cause problems that result in an accident.

Ride in a Staggered Formation

Riding in the proper formation is one of the best safety tips to avoid a motorcycle accident while riding with a group. Staggered formation is widely considered to be the safest way to ride a motorcycle. In this formation, one rider is to the left of the lane while the one behind them is to the right. And so on. This improves the space between riders and the level of visibility for each rider as they make their way down the road. It should also be noted that the rider at the head of the formation should be the most experienced. They will often have to be the first to react to any dangerous situations that occur. And they’ll have to set an example for the group of how to react.

Know the Right Hand signals

Verbal communication between riders is not going to be possible while riding in a group. That is why each rider should be aware of the hand signals needed to communicate with the rest of the group. Communication mishaps can result in riders making the wrong maneuvers. This could result in a motorcyclist colliding with another rider in the group or with a car. Hand signals can also have slight variations depending on the group of motorcyclists so it is always wise to review how exactly they signal.

Ride at a Steady Pace

Sometimes when riding within a group of motorcycles, a rider may feel pressured to go at faster speeds than what they consider comfortable or safe. Speeding is one of the top reasons many motorcyclists end up in accidents. Always be clear about the speeds you are comfortable riding. And don’t go past them simply because someone in the group wants to speed. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Know When to Ride Single File

In certain situations, a motorcyclist needs to be aware when the rest of their riding group will transition into riding single file. On sharp turns, the curvature of the road will make riding single file necessary. This is done to ensure that riders have the best space for maneuverability. And to maintain visibility. Failure to do this may sometimes lead to a collision between motorcyclists in the group.

Do Not Fixate on the Motorcycle in Front of You

Motorcyclists can sometimes fall victim to behaviors such as overly fixate on the motorcycle immediately in front of them. Riders should always remember to keep their eyes on what’s in the road ahead of them. And they shouldn’t rely on following the maneuvers of the motorcycle in front of them. Sometimes that motorcyclist may make reckless decisions or make other accident causing mistakes.


If you have sustained an injury in a motorcycle accident and you believe that you are owed compensation, CONTACT SAND LAW about a free consultation on your claim. You can contact us online or call us at 651-291-7263.

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