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6 Things You Need to Know if You Get in a Motorcycle Accident

6 Things You Need to Know if You Get in a Motorcycle Accident - Sand Law LLC

Cruising down the road in St. Paul, Minnesota on your motorcycle with the breeze rushing across your face is exhilarating. You feel connected with nature and for a time all the cares of life are left behind. Just the roar of the bike’s motor is all you hear. The road stretches out endlessly in front of you. It’s a gorgeous day. However, your bliss is interrupted when a car changes lanes and knocks the front end of your motorcycle. Your bike is tossed to the side of the road. Thankfully you were wearing all of the protective gear that motorcyclists wear, yet as you lie on the shoulder of the road in St. Paul, Minnesota, you wonder how serious your injuries are.

Every year thousands of motorcyclists are involved in an accident with another vehicle. Motorcycles do not take up as much room on the road and are sometimes overlooked when drivers pull out or change lanes. If a driver of an automobile does not check the blind spot when changing lanes, they may hit a motorcyclist. Unfortunately, many motorcycle accidents are serious. If you are involved in an accident while driving your motorcycle, here are six things you need to know.

Don’t make things worse

If you were thrown from the motorcycle during the accident, it is important that you not get up and try to walk around. It’s best to wait for an ambulance even if you are not in excruciating pain. You may have injuries that are not visible that could be aggravated by trying to get up and walk or move around. If you feel sure that your injuries are minimal or moderate, sitting up may be ok.

Leave the helmet on

According to fire authority, you should never take your helmet off until help arrives. The reason for this is that there may be injuries or fractures to the neck, head, or spine. Taking off the helmet may result in more damage. If someone needs to perform CPR on the injured party, then removal of the helmet is necessary.

Go to the hospital

Even if you feel alright or don’t think your injuries are serious, you absolutely need to go to the hospital. Internal injuries, concussions, and small fractures are not always evident right away. Also, there is the possibility of going into shock. You need to be in the care of medical professionals as soon as possible. Most likely you will not need to call for help because others who have witnessed the accident will do so.

Give a police report

When police arrive on the scene, if you are conscious, give your statement of what happened. Your memory of the incident is most fresh and reliable right after it occurs. However, if you feel groggy from the accident or are in intense pain, wait until you are medically stable.

Contact your insurance company

After the hospital staff says you are in stable condition, contact your insurance agency to report the incident and begin a claim for damages.

Call a reputable personal injury attorney

Contact an attorney that focus on motorcycle accidents. Even if your motorcycle insurance covers the vehicle damages, you deserve compensation for your bodily pain and suffering. In addition, you will likely lose work due to the accident. Many people who are involved in a serious accident also suffer from emotional trauma and even PTSD. All of these factors are important when evaluating your situation for monetary compensation for injuries.

Sand Law, LLC is a reputable and experienced team. These attorneys will assess your case and help you recover the damages you rightly deserve under the law. Contact them today for more information.