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How Common are Motorcycle Accidents?

How Common are Motorcycle Accidents - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Motorcycles are inherently more dangerous than cars so riders need to be more aware of avoiding an accident.

There is nothing like enjoying a motorcycle ride on the open road. It’s a thrill to feel the wind directly and to move freely without the restraining weight of a regular car. By contrast, the lack of restraint also makes motorcyclists especially vulnerable. In the event of an accident, they don’t have as much protection surrounding them. For motorcycle operators, injuries happen more frequently. They are typically more severe and they can be fatal.

Statistics About Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents are deadlier than accidents between two standard-sized vehicles. Over 80% of reported motorcycle accidents injure or kill the motorcycle operator. In 2018, 36,560 people died in car accidents in the United States. Almost 5,000 of them were motorcycle operators. In the same year, Minnesota experienced a higher percentage of motorcycle fatalities than the nation did overall. Over 15% of the 380 car accidents fatalities within the state happened to motorcyclists.

Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries

Any bone in your body can become broken or fractured in a motorcycle accident, including your skull. Though helmets reduce the risk of skull fractures, they aren’t required for motorcycle operators who are over 18 years old. Skull fractures can put an enormous amount of pressure on the brain, and they can cause nerve damage.

Open skull fractures are visible wounds. Bones or bone fragments penetrate through the skin, so it’s clear that medical attention is urgently needed. On the other hand, closed skull fractures are harder to detect. Even if you wear a helmet, you can still suffer a TBI as your brain propels forward when the rest of your body has come to a stop.

When motorcyclists’ skin comes into contact with the pavement, the friction can cause painful road rash. In severe cases of road rash, multiple layers of skin are damaged, and excruciating and expensive skin grafting is needed to correct it. Mild cases of road rash can also lead to complications because it opens up the skin to infection.

Impact sustained by your neck or back can lead to permanent spinal cord injuries including partial or full paralysis. Those with spinal cord injuries who retain most or all of their mobility can still suffer from painful nerve damage, numbness, and incontinence.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

In some cases, Minnesota drivers are permitted to turn left after coming to a complete stop at a red-light. However, they often still fail to see motorcycle operators who are driving forward. In fact, 42% of fatal motorcycle collisions involve left turns.

Lane Splitting

No one enjoys a traffic hold-up. While most drivers are forced to be patient, motorcyclists are able to weave in and out of lanes between larger vehicles. This often gets them to their destination faster. However, lane splitting isn’t only illegal in Minnesota, it’s also dangerous.

Maneuvering in the tight space between lanes doesn’t give motorcycle drivers much margin for error. A small misjudgment can mean colliding with another vehicle. Since motorcyclists shouldn’t be lane splitting, other drivers don’t anticipate being surpassed by a motorcycle, increasing the potential for an accident.


Another traffic violation that causes motorcycle accidents is speeding. Whether a driver of a car or a motorcycle operator is traveling above the speed limit, it can greatly increase the impact in the event of a collision. Since motorcycles typically weigh 300-400 pounds, a mere fraction of a car’s weight, motorcycle drivers bear the brunt of that impact.

Weather Impacts

Harsh weather also contributes to motorcycle accidents. The last decade was considered the wettest that Minnesota has ever experienced, a condition that is perilous for motorcyclists. Rain obscures their vision and masks hazards like potholes on the road.

Recoverable Damages

A motorcycle accident can generate a myriad of expenses, some of which are out of pocket. For many injured parties, medical bills from hospital stays, doctors’ appointments, and physical therapy become a significant financial burden, even with insurance coverage. If you’re unable to drive yourself and run your household, you’ll also have to pay for additional services. There is also a good chance that your recovery will leave you unable to work, whether it be temporary or permanent. As a result, you lose wages and may even miss opportunities for future career advancements that would have led to better pay. These are all expenses that you can seek compensation for.

Why Hire a Attorney for Your Motorcycle Accident

After sustaining an injury, accident victims understandably want to forward from the traumatic incident as soon as possible. Insurance companies know this. As such, they are eager to get injured motorcyclists to quickly settle for insufficient sums. Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney can relieve the stress of managing a case yourself. It can also lead to a larger settlement.

Contact the Minnesota Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

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