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Dangerous Conditions At School

When Your Child’s School Creates Dangerous Conditions

Minnesota law requires schools to take reasonable precautions to keep children safe, and you have a right to believe that they will uphold this duty. When school staff or administrators create dangerous conditions and your child is injured, you can seek compensation for the pain and suffering your child experienced, the medical bills you paid and even the wages you lost while helping your child recover.

At Sand Law, our attorneys have significant experience handling child injury cases involving schools. This is extremely important if your child has been injured by a dangerous condition at his or her school. There are difficult challenges that are unique to these cases, including dealing with school bureaucracy, insurance policies and immunity issues.

A single decision or combination of unsafe circumstances could be considered a dangerous condition. Examples include:


  • Failure to properly maintain the premises

  • Obstacle course or other gym activities

  • Failure to implement adequate safety procedures

  • Lack of CPR training in situations involving pool accidents

  • Science experiments involving hazardous materials

Was Your Child Injured Due To Dangerous Conditions? Contact Sand Law.

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