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Minnesota Head-On Collisions

Minnesota Head-On Collision - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Personal Injury Car Accident Lawyers

As devastating as many kinds of car accidents can be, head-on collisions can be even worse. They almost always lead to horrible injuries – and, unfortunately, often result in fatalities. Head-on accidents are often due to negligence. When this happens, the victim, or the victim’s family, will be eligible to obtain compensation. Sand Law attorneys… Read more »

Minnesota Intersection Accident

Minnesota Intersection Accident - Sand Law LLC

An accident at an intersection is one of the worst types of car wrecks. You’re minding your own business, driving safely, when a negligent driver strikes your vehicle out of nowhere. They might have run a red light, failed to stop at a stop sign, or made one of a number of other potential mistakes…. Read more »

Minnesota Expungements and Pardons Attorneys

Minnesota Expungements and Pardons Attorneys - Sand Law.

How do I get an expungement or pardon in Minnesota? Expungements and pardons are ways for Minnesota citizens to get a fresh start in spite of a criminal history. Anyone can benefit from expungement of criminal records, no matter if the criminal history in question is short or severe.  A criminal record leads to many… Read more »

Minnesota Speeding Accidents

Minnesota Speeding Accidents

Just about everyone speeds at one time or another. Many people don’t even realize they’re doing it at the time. But even if they don’t really mean to do it, the results can be horrible. The attorneys with Sand Law will be ready to help if you’ve suffered an injury due to another driver’s speeding…. Read more »

Minnesota Rollover Accidents

Minnesota Rollover Accidents - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

While any sort of car accident is scary, of course, a rollover accident can be particularly frightening. You’re driving along in your SUV or other high-profile vehicle, and all of sudden you feel the vehicle starting to lean to the side. Maybe it’s because you had to swerve to avoid a reckless driver, or you… Read more »

Minnesota Workplace Accident Attorneys

men working - Minnesota Workplace Accident Attorneys - sand law llc

Were you injured at work and are having trouble paying your bills? You may need to speak to a workplace accident attorney. Depending on what industry you work in, injuries can be pretty common. If you’ve ever filed for workers’ compensation, you know just how difficult it can be to get your workplace to pay… Read more »

Minnesota Tailgating Accidents

Minnesota Tailgating Accidents - Sand Law LLC

Tailgating is an incredibly dangerous form of aggressive driving. Impatient drivers will sometimes insist on staying as close as they possibly can to the rear of the car in front of them. They might not think the other driver is going fast enough, or maybe they’re just having a bad day. Whatever the reason, tailgating… Read more »

Minnesota Chain Reaction Accidents

Minnesota Chain Reaction Accidents - Sand Law LLC

A chain reaction car accident can occur in a flash. You’re having a typical drive one minute, and then you’re involved in a violent collision the next. Although all motor vehicle accidents are bad, of course, chain reaction collisions are often more severe, leading to serious injuries and extensive damage. The attorneys with Sand Law… Read more »

Minnesota Teen Car Accidents

Minnesota Teen Car Accidents - Sand Law LLC

Minnesota has its share of car accidents, just like every other state. Many of these accidents involve teenagers who are just beginning to learn how to drive. When a teenager causes a car wreck that leads to an injury, not only might the teenager be held liable, there are other parties that could face liability… Read more »

Minnesota Back and Spinal Injury Attorneys

Getting Compensation for Spinal Cord and Back Injury Victims in Minnesota Back and spinal injuries resulting from accidents have an enormous impact on the victim’s well-being and quality of life. Such traumas can damage the ligaments, muscles, soft tissues, tendons, or bones that the back is made up of and often leave the injured person… Read more »