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A Catastrophic Injury Can Greatly Affect Your Quality of Life

You might have been in a vehicle struck by another car. An 18-wheeler might have hit your car. You might have simply been riding your bike around the neighborhood when you were run over. Whatever the reason the accident occurred, you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury and want justice.

Money won’t make up for the pain and debilitation you’re experiencing. But it can ease your financial burdens, allowing you to focus on your recovery.

An attorney with Sand Law will work to help you obtain the maximum compensation you deserve. You shouldn’t have to deal with financial uncertainty after suffering a severe injury in an accident that wasn’t your fault. Our firm will do everything we can to make sure the negligent parties face full accountability for their carelessness.

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What is a Catastrophic Injury?

A catastrophic injury is a severe injury that can cause long-term or permanent disabilities. These injuries can impact the central nervous system, brain, or spine and affect a person’s ability to perform everyday tasks, work, and participate in leisure activities. Catastrophic injuries can result from accidents, medical malpractice, workplace injuries, or intentional harm.

Examples include the following:

Causes of Catastrophic Injuries

Of course, there’s never a “good” cause of a catastrophic injury. But when someone suffers a debilitating injury due to another’s negligence, that can make their suffering seem even worse. These are just some of the many ways catastrophic injuries can occur.

  • Car and truck accidents: The consequences can be devastating when two cars collide – or worse, when an 80,000-pound commercial truck hits a passenger vehicle. Drivers and passengers are subjected to tremendous forces. These forces can lead to horrible injuries that can have lifetime effects.
  • Workplace accidents: There are far too many instances where employers prioritize profits over their employees. When they create unsafe workplace environments, that can lead to catastrophic injuries. They must be held accountable when this happens.
  • Boating accidents: Minnesota’s lakes are perfect for boating. Unfortunately, some boaters will choose to operate their vessels when impaired. In other cases, they’re unqualified to take the helm. This can result in horrible injuries as well.

5 Ways a Catastrophic Injury Can Affect Your Quality of Life

When someone suffers a catastrophic injury, it affects every facet of their life. These are just five of the many terrible impacts.

1. Increased Financial Burden

The costs of treating and rehabilitating from a catastrophic injury can be staggering. For example, a severe spinal cord injury resulting in paralysis can cost more than $1.5 million in the first year alone and then nearly $200,000 each year afterward.

2. Inability to Accomplish Everyday Tasks without Help

One of the worst aspects of a severe injury is debilitation. A victim may be unable to perform the most basic tasks, such as bathing, dressing, and cooking. In many cases, the injured individual may require the assistance of a caregiver, which can limit their independence and autonomy.

3. Inability to Return to Work

It’s almost inevitable that someone with a catastrophic injury cannot return to work for a long time. If they can get back to work, they might have to accept a lower-paying job because they can no longer handle their original responsibilities. This adds even more stress to an already horrible situation.

4. Mental Anguish

There’s also a psychological aspect to suffering a severe injury. Victims will typically be unable to pursue the activities they once loved. This lost quality of life can lead to depression, anxiety, and other forms of emotional distress. When someone is injured in a car accident, they may be terrified to ever be in a vehicle again, much less try to drive one.

5. Pain

Last but not least, catastrophic injuries lead to severe pain. This pain can significantly impact a victim’s quality of life. The pain may be constant, severe, and difficult to manage, limiting their ability to participate in everyday activities.

Like all the other issues mentioned above, pain and suffering are examples of “damages.” These are losses victims incur in personal injury accidents. When you take legal action against those responsible, you’ll do so to recover your damages.

How Can Hiring an Attorney Help You with Your Catastrophic Injury Claim?

Your best chance of recovering your damages will be to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party (or parties). To do this, however, you must speak with an experienced, skilled personal injury attorney.

The first thing your lawyer will do will be to investigate the accident. This investigation will determine how it happened and who’s to blame. Your attorney will then negotiate a fair settlement with the insurance companies that represent the at-fault parties.

The vast majority of personal injury cases end with a settlement. But there are rare instances where insurers don’t cooperate. When this happens, the case has to go to trial. This might seem intimidating. But when you have a Sand Law attorney working for you, you can rest easy. Our firm has a long history of winning cases in court, and we’ll have the evidence on our side. If needed, we’ll also bring in expert witnesses to further strengthen your case.

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If you want the best chance possible of obtaining all the money you deserve, you’ll need to hire an attorney as quickly as you can. The investigation must start immediately before critical evidence disappears for good.

At Sand Law, we have extensive experience representing clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries. We’re committed to helping you receive the compensation you deserve. Our attorneys understand the complex legal and medical issues surrounding catastrophic injury claims and will work tirelessly to protect your rights.

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