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Minnesota Boating and Swimming Accident Lawyers

Children Swimming Near Boats and Potential for Drowning - Minnesota Boating and Swimming Accident Lawyers - Sand Law LLC

Helping Victims of Boating and Drowning Accidents Get Compensation in Minnesota

Enjoying a day on the lake is a time-honored tradition throughout Minnesota. However, on a crowded river or lake, boaters, Jet Ski operators and passengers enjoying a boat ride can suffer significant injuries from a boating accident. Unlike cars, boats are not frequently equipped with the same kinds of safety devices to protect operators and passengers in the event of a boat wreck. People are frequently thrown on impact, leading to serious injuries and potential drownings.

Watercraft accidents frequently result from the same types of problems that cause motor vehicle accidents. Inexperienced operators, drunk boaters, distracted drivers, and recklessness can all lead to a boating accident.

While boating and swimming may seem to go hand in hand, most personal injury claims for swimming accidents involve a swimming pool — unless a negligent watercraft operator strikes a swimmer in a lake. Swimming accident claims can involve a wide range of negligence, including:

  • Inadequate safety equipment

  • Inadequate fencing around a neighborhood pool

  • A neighbor leaving a pool or spa uncovered, attracting neighborhood kids to a known hazard

  • Defective pool equipment, including faulty or uncovered pool drains

  • Inadequate lifeguard supervision or CPR assistance at a pool

  • Dangerous conditions, including faulty pool maintenance at a school, hotel or water park

Common Boating and Drowning Accident Injuries

Near Drowning

Perhaps the most common injury associated with all forms of water recreation is near-drowning. This type of injury can occur in essentially any setting where water or liquid is sufficiently deep enough for a person to be unable to breathe or have their breathing impaired by the presence of liquid around their respiratory system. One does not even need to have their head fully submerged to nearly drown and the amount of water needed is often surprisingly low in some cases.

Near drowning is basically when the aforementioned presence of water starves a person of oxygen which can have a number of dangerous effects, the most obvious being hypoxia. Many organs have their functions and impaired by the lack of oxygen caused by near-drowning and also the introduction of water into the respiratory system. Near drowning commonly causes a number of additional issues and complications among those that are affected such as brain damage, acute respiratory distress syndrome, pneumonia, to name some of the more common examples.

Traumatic Brain Injuries

What can be especially terrifying is a traumatic brain injury that occurs near a body of water. Many people every year end up suffering blows to the head while engaging in water recreation and can nearly drown as a result. Traumatic brain injuries occur when a powerful force acts upon the head and causes damage to the brain. This can cause a number of debilitating symptoms that affect cognition, personality, and bodily health in general. Perhaps the most important symptom of a traumatic brain injury in this situation is unconsiousness. Traumatic brain injuries are notoriously difficult to treat and often cause permanent damage.

Broken or Fractured Bones

People engaging in water-related recreational activities such as boating or swimming can sometimes suffer physical trauma that can break or fracture bones. In many cases, these injuries are fairly simple and result in a clean break that is treatable through setting the bone in a cast where it will heal over several weeks. Unfortunately, broken bones are not always so simple. Occasionally, a person may break a bone in a way that can compromise one of their internal organs or blood vessels causing internal bleeding. In other instances, the organs themselves may suffer damage that impedes its function. For example, a broken pelvis damaging abdominal organs or cracked vertebrae damaging the spinal cord.

Our Accident Lawyers Take Decisive Action

Boating and swimming accidents can involve complicated legal analysis to produce results. Insurance coverage and liability issues in water-related personal injury cases include complex nuances. We will fully evaluate every relevant detail to aggressively safeguard your rights.

If you or your child has been injured while swimming or if a boating accident has caused you physical harm, we are here to help. You will pay no fee unless we obtain compensation through a settlement or a verdict.

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