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Easy Claim Damaging Mistakes After a Car Accident

Car Accident Injury Claim Lawsuit Minnesota Mistakes

Don’t Make These Common Mistakes After a Car Accident

A car accident can be a confusing and perplexing time for all parties involved. There is often damage that discombobulates and injures the individuals unfortunate to experience the collision and the matter of what happens next is not the first thing on their mind. It’s not until some time after an accident that someone may realize they can take legal action and that they may have made some decisions in the immediate aftermath of a car accident that could have an effect on the legal process.

A car accident injury can end up becoming quite expensive. Things like traumatic brain injuries or whiplash can result in significant medical expenses, lost wages, and general pain and suffering that an individual has a right to seek compensation for with a car accident injury claim. By proving that a liable party’s negligence caused an accident that injured a plaintiff, then that plaintiff could be able to recover financial compensation in the form of a settlement or could be awarded compensation by a court.

With the right car accident injury lawyer, an individual injured in a car accident can hold those responsible for their injuries accountable. Sand Law has the experience and skill to ensure that you receive the best possible chance to secure the settlement that you deserve.

What You Shouldn’t do After Your Car Accident

There are a few surprisingly small things that someone can do immediately following their accident that can harm their chances at securing the compensation for their injuries that they deserve. In the aftermath of an accident, it is important that you avoid the following things in order to give your case the best shot possible of succeeding.

Admit Guilt Following a Car Accident

While this may seem like an obvious thing to not do in the aftermath of an accident, many people do not realize that even seemingly innocuous sounding statements can be taken as admissions of guilt and used against a plaintiff in a later car accident injury claim. One of the most common things that people do following an accident even if they were not primarily at fault is apologize. This is often done in an attempt to be polite or help someone at fault maybe not feel as bad about their mistake but an apology can be taken to indicate fault.

The best thing to do following an accident is to keep the information you disclose to a minimum and keep your interactions brief and to the point. Do not disclose information about the conditions you were in while driving if you don’t have to and be very mindful of your wording since things you say can be taken out of context and used in a defense in a later claim.

Fail to Seek Medical Care as Soon as Possible After a Car Accident

Another common mistake people make following a car accident is not seeking medical treatment with a physician following an accident. In some cases, people will be injured and will simply put off going to see a doctor for days or even weeks. Defendants in a car accident injury claim can use this as an indication that an injury was not that significant and therefore not in need of as much compensation since it did not require immediate attention.

In other cases, someone involved in a car accident may not even realize the extent of their injuries or if they even have injuries at all. Even if it appears that you are fine after a car accident, you should make sure you are examined by a physician as soon as possible since you may have injuries with delayed symptoms or your symptoms could be muted by adrenaline left over from an accident.

Fail to Follow Your Doctor’s Treatment for Car Accident Injuries

Not only should you seek immediate medical treatment for your injuries but you should also make a point to follow your doctor’s orders to the letter. Deviating from your treatment by failing to take medication, not showing up for medical appointments, or exerting yourself too much can be used in a defense that attacks the credibility of your injuries.

A new common mistake people make in regard to not following their treatments is engaging in activities that their doctor would not recommend. If you have fractured your ankle, it makes sense that if someone saw a picture of you on social media surfing, they would have good reason to doubt the credibility of your injury.

Not Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

The number one thing that you can do to improve the chances of your claim successfully recovering compensation for your injuries, is hire an experienced car accident attorney. An insurance company may try to tell you that you don’t need a lawyer to file a car accident claim. This is technically true misconception and you can try to take on a claim on your own but that would be similar to trying to build a watch on your own. Just because it is technically possible, does not mean that it is advisable.

A skilled car accident lawyer will know exactly what to look for in a case to help prove a defendant’s negligence and a can assist you in navigating the complexities of the legal process, investigating your accident, and taking care of negotiations while you focus on healing and other personal affairs. While lawyers do take around 33% of a settlement, the use of a lawyer will typically result in a claim ending up recovering significantly larger settlements than if someone attempted a claim without one. That is still counting the share of the settlement paid to the lawyer for their work.

Sand Law Minnesota Car Accident Attorneys

Consider contacting Sand Law about a possible car accident injury claim and how we can assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries. Your primary concern should be recovery and we understand that balancing that with an injury claim can be difficult. Allow us to represent you and help secure a settlement you are comfortable with while you heal.

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