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Minnesota Semi Truck Accident Types

Semi Commercial truck accident types injury lawsuit Minnesota

Deadly Semi Truck Accident Scenarios We all see semi-trucks rumbling down the road all the time. They’re a common enough sight that we pay them no mind despite the fact that a semi-truck can easily cause some of the most devastating accidents with a single mistake. We forget that a truck amounts to 80,000 pounds… Read more »

6 Common Minnesota Motorcycle Accident Causes

Minnesota Motorcycle accident scenarios lawsuit injury attorney

Avoid These Common Scenarios That Cause Motorcycle Accidents Motorcycle accidents have a tendency to occur based on a similar set of factors. Much like car accidents and truck accidents, motorcycle accidents tend to occur in certain common scenarios because of these similar factors. Motorcyclists and other drivers should understand common causes of motorcycle accidents. This… Read more »

6 Personal Injury Lawyer and Claim Myths


COMMON PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER MISCONCEPTIONS Lawyers, like many professions, have a common portrayal in popular media that is often fraught with exaggeration and inaccuracy. Sometimes an injury victim may let certain common myths about lawyers and the legal process convince them to forego seeking an attorney. These misconceptions about lawyers and the personal injury claims… Read more »

Delayed Injuries Caused by a Woodbury Car Accident

Delayed Injury from Car Accident - Man Holding Head - Sand Law LLC Woodbury Minnesota

You Could Have Injuries From Your Car Accident You Don’t Even Know About Being involved in a car accident can turn someone’s life upside down. One second you may be driving back from work and the next thing you know you are dealing with a host of issues that spring up out of nowhere because… Read more »

Sand Law Attorneys Recognized As 2018 Super Lawyers

Congratulations to Bill Sand and Rick Sand for their selections to this year’s Super Lawyers Rising Star List – an honor recognizing fewer than 2.5% of all attorneys. This is Rick’s second consecutive selection to the list. This is Bill’s first selection. Sand Law is a personal injury law firm with offices in downtown St…. Read more »

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Checklist

workers compensation checklist - minnesota - sand law llc - woodbury workers comp attorneys

The following checklist is for employers and supervisors and outlines how they should document any kind of work-related injuries or illnesses for workers’ compensation purposes. It’s crucial that these steps be taken as soon as possible in the event of any kind of medical emergency or serious injuries. Here are the immediate actions every employer… Read more »

What is Med Payments Coverage?

medical payments coverage personal injury claim lawsuit Sand Law Minnesota

Understanding Medical Payment Coverage Most people always worry about any kind of financial implications of vehicle damage when they are considering the kind of car insurance coverage they’d like to purchase, but no matter what it’s always important to take a look at the bigger picture when it comes to this kind of insurance purchase… Read more »

Car Accident In Minnesota? What You Need to Know

what you need to know after a minnesota car accident - sand law llc

Car Accident Advice from a St. Paul Car Accident Lawyer Car accidents are as American as apple pie, and in 2008 the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimated that about 5.8 million police-reported traffic accidents occurred throughout the country’s roads. That same year, AAA reported that car accidents alone cost Americans about $164.2 billion every… Read more »

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries claim attorney lawsuit minnesota

Minnesota Car Accidents Millions of Americans are injured in traffic accidents each year. In Minnesota alone, there are more than two hundred crashes on an average day resulting in dozens of injuries. In addition to incurring billions of dollars in costs for hospitalization, surgery, chiropractic care, and other medical treatment, injured people may lose the… Read more »

Winter Motor Vehicle Accidents

Minnesota winter road conditions are infamously dangerous. Low visibility, less daylight, snow, slush, and ice combine to form hazardous conditions. However, poor road conditions do not excuse a driver’s duty to exercise due care and reasonable caution when operating a vehicle. Drivers who end up in an accident because of negligence or a failure to… Read more »