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Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Millions of Americans are injured in traffic accidents each year. In Minnesota alone, there are more than two hundred crashes on an average day resulting in dozens of injuries. In addition to incurring billions of dollars in costs for hospitalization, surgery, chiropractic care, and other medical treatment, injured people may lose the ability to work…. Read more »

A Statistical Breakdown of Motor Vehicle Accidents in Minnesota

Overview The amount of car accidents that occur each year in Minnesota is staggering.  The most recent “Comprehensive Annual Traffic Crash Data Report” offered by the Minnesota Department of Public Safety is from the year 2015.  The following data is based on that report, which can be found here. According to DPS, there were 74,772… Read more »

Slip and Fall Injuries – Not Just a Winter Problem

Minnesota residents are familiar with winter weather and the dangers that ice, snow, and slush can pose. However, people are hurt in slip and fall accidents year-round. Oftentimes, these accidents happen in places like the grocery store, Target, Walmart, or your favorite restaurant. These businesses stock and use many types of liquids that spill and… Read more »

Opioid Related Car Accidents On The Rise

The nationwide rise in opioid abuse is having a direct effect on driver safety.  A recent article from Addiction Now sites that a Columbia University study has found that “the use of prescription drugs like hydrocodone and oxycodone has increased four times the rate, going from 76 million in 1991 to almost 300 million in 2014.”… Read more »

What to Do After a Hit and Run Car Accident in Minnesota

The legal definition of a hit and run car accident is one in which one driver hits another with his or her vehicle and then flees the scene. Hitting a pedestrian, a fixed object, or a parked car and not stopping to render aid or leave contact information also falls under the category of a… Read more »

Minnesota: The Land of 10,000 Car Accidents

Being involved in a car accident can alter your life in many ways.  Car accident victims can often be left with a permanent physical injury that effects their everyday life, their relationships with family and friends, their ability to work, as well as basic enjoyment of their life.  In Minnesota, we see a variety of… Read more »

What Happens When an Uninsured Driver Injures You in a Car Accident?

When you’re seriously injured in a car accident in St. Paul, things can get complicated very quickly. Your Personal Injury Protection coverage will pay your medical bills, lost wages, and related expenses. Once your medical bills exceed $4,000 or you meet certain injury thresholds, you will have the legal right to make a claim against the… Read more »

Rick Sand Named To Super Lawyers Rising Star List

Sand Law would like to congratulate one of its founding members on being named to the Super Lawyers Rising Star List! This distinguished honor is bestowed upon only the top 2.5% of all attorneys practicing within the jurisdiction. Sand Law is a personal injury law firm with locations in downtown St. Paul and White Bear… Read more »