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St. Paul Assault and Battery Injuries

Assault and Battery and Police Brutality Attorneys in Minnesota - Sand Law LLC

Minnesota Assault, Battery, and Police Brutality Victims Have Rights

In an apartment complex, bar, restaurant, school or a wide range of other public and private establishments, you have the right to feel secure in your surroundings. When property is not properly maintained for the safety of people who are legally entitled to be on the premises and this results in injury, the landlord, property manager, or others may be responsible for victims’ injuries. This includes significant injuries as a result of assault and battery, negligent violence, or police brutality.

Skilled Advocacy To Obtain Results For Assault And Battery Injury Victims

Negligent security law is a nuanced area of personal injury law that requires the detailed analysis of an experienced personal injury lawyer. At Sand Law, LLC, we have the resources and knowledge to protect the rights of assault and battery victims who have been injured as a result of inadequate security measures.

We fight to obtain the best possible outcome in personal injury claims involving violent attacks on the property of another, including:


  • Injuries suffered from a physical assault and battery

  • Injuries from bar fights related to over-serving a patron or inadequate security in the bar

  • The harm experienced in a sexual assault, including children who have been victims of school staff abuse

  • Injuries from violent attacks and sexual assaults in college dorms

  • Injuries due to negligent security in apartment complexes and condos

  • Attacks that are linked to inadequate fencing or lighting in parking lots

Skillful Representation In Excessive Force And Police Brutality Claims

Police Brutality in Minnesota Attorneys - Sand Law LLCOur trial lawyers have substantial experience as criminal defense attorneys. We know how to read police reports and analyze police procedures. When members of law enforcement use excessive force, our lawyers are determined to get results to set the record straight. As aggressive litigators, we know how to develop the facts to protect the civil rights of our clients who have suffered personal injury due to excessive force or police brutality.

Fighting the power of the government is complex. You need lawyers in your corner who can anticipate the strategies government attorneys will try to use to defeat a civil rights claim against officers and the police department. We are ready, willing and able to help you maximize compensation for the harm you have suffered.

Get a Confidential Consultation to Discuss your Injuries

If you or a loved one has suffered substantial injury from an assault and battery or from police brutality, contact Sand Law LCC today to discuss your case for free. We provide no-pressure case evaluations to help you understand your rights. To arrange a confidential consultation with a compassionate personal injury and civil rights lawyer, send us an email or call 651-291-SAND (651-291-7263). We have offices in downtown St. Paul, Minneapolis, Woodbury, and White Bear Lake and serve clients throughout Minnesota.


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