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Common Parking Lot Slips, Trips and Falls

Common Parking Lot Slips, Trips and Falls - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Slip Trip and Fall Personal Injury Accident Attorney

Parking lots are a common site for slips, trips, and falls.

Common Types of Parking Lot Hazards

Parking lots can be incredibly hazardous for many different reasons. It may not seem like it, but parking lots are filled with places to trip, slip, and fall. Parking lots that aren’t well maintained may be even more dangerous. Someone could easily fall because of certain hazards a company may have failed to take care of properly.

If you have an accident in the parking lot of a business, you may be able to build a lawsuit against the company. Negligence may have been involved in your accident so contacting an attorney is a sure action to take. If your accident occurred because any of the reasons listed below, there may have been negligence at play.

Slips, trips, and falls in parking lots are the leading cause of death for elderly people. People with existing injuries or disabilities are more likely to be injured in parking lot accidents. If you own a business or building with a parking lot, it’s important to ensure that your lot is safe to protect those who enter your building.

Wheel Stops

When you park your car, sometimes there’s a barrier to keep you from getting too close to the building or to protect you from hitting anything. These are typically made of concrete, and they are called wheel stops. In a poorly lit parking lot, it may be hard to see wheel stops. This is especially true if they’re not painted with reflective material. Broken wheel stops and wheel stops covered in snow also cause parking lot slips and falls.

Curb Ramps

Curb ramps refer to the small incline that connects a parking lot to the curb, most often seen in front of grocery stores and buildings with larger parking lots or shopping carts. However, these ramps can be found at all sorts of places.

These ramps can be incredibly helpful in helping disabled people or people with carts or strollers, get onto the curb. However, if not properly maintained, they could cause a tripping hazard. These ramps may also be too steep if not made correctly. As always, poorly lit areas can make already hazardous areas much worse.

Pavement Issues

Pavement issues like breaks in the asphalt, potholes, and poor construction can cause many problems for people. These hazards are especially problematic for disabled people who may need help walking or may not be able to see. Abled people may be able to easily avoid a crack or hole in the pavement, but that’s not true for everyone. Accidents may also occur more frequently if the parking lot isn’t lit well enough.


Sidewalks, much like pavement, need to be well-maintained throughout the years. Cracks or breaks in the sidewalk can cause people to fall if they aren’t paying attention. Accidents may also occur in parking lots that don’t have sidewalks, especially bigger ones. In general, keeping up maintenance of things like sidewalk, pavement, and lighting are up to the owner of the lot. They should be keeping an eye on their sidewalks to ensure that they’re free of cracks or any other hazards.

Weather Issues

It is the responsibility of the building owner or manager to keep the parking lots free of snow and ice in the warmer weather. This means plowing lots and removing ice when necessary. If a lot is not properly cleared of snow and ice, this could cause many accidents to occur. In rainy seasons, puddles may also form in areas that are poorly maintained.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance is a requirement for all business owners or building owners. Basically, if you own a building with an attached parking lot, you are required to maintain that parking lot so no one is injured. If an injury occurs in your parking lot, you may be liable for their injury depending on the circumstances. These accidents are most often because of negligence, like putting off fixing a hole or installing new lights. This negligence can also come from people being cheap and not wanting to pay to fix potholes or broken sidewalks.

How to Avoid a Parking Lot Accident

Avoiding an accident can be difficult, especially if a parking lot is dimly lit and you aren’t aware of any potential hazards around you. To avoid accidents, try to park in well-lit areas, use your flashlight if it’s door dark, and pay attention to where you’re walking. However, if you do happen to get into an accident in a parking lot, an attorney can help you build a case against the business for not maintaining their property well.

Who’s Liable for Slips, Trips, and Falls in a Parking Lot?

Liability depends on who was negligent and caused your accident because of their negligence. Most often these accidents occur because of poorly maintained parking lots. This would mainly be the fault of the owner of the parking lot or whoever is responsible for ensuring that the parking lot is properly maintained. If maintenance is ignored, you may be able to build a lawsuit against the company and receive compensation for your accident.

Contact a Slip and Fall Attorney

If you or someone you love has been injured in a parking lot accident, please contact our talented lawyers here at Sand Law. We have years of experience with parking lot slip and fall accidents and will work hard to get you the compensation and justice that you deserve for your case. For more information, please contact us online or at 651-291-7263.