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Harvest Season Rise in Truck Accidents


Autumns in Minnesota draw more trucks and tractors to our roads.

Minnesota is among the top five states for agricultural production in the country. The autumn harvest season is especially busy. To meet the demands, employees from outside of the state are brought in to harvest and transport the crops. That’s why truck drivers in the Minnesota farming industry aren’t always familiar with local traffic laws. They also might not necessarily know the lay of the land.

To make matters worse, the law is lax on the rules and regulations when it comes to farm trucks. Typically, the United States Department of Transportation (USDOT) requires truck drivers to be DOT certified. In other words, certified drivers have to prove that they have the training and competency to handle the trucks they operate. However, farm trucks aren’t required to have a USDOT number for trucks that remain within 150 miles of the farm.

Harvest Season Truck Accident Statistics

In Minnesota, over 38% of transportation fatalities arise from agricultural transportation. About 60% of all fatal accidents involving trucks happen on rural roads, the type of roads where tractor trailers typically transport harvested goods.

Why is Driving in Autumn Dangerous?

Starting mid-July, Minnesotans lose roughly a minute of daylight on a daily basis. The sun sets close to 6:00pm by the end of October. That means reduced visibility on the road for all drivers, especially truck drivers. It appears that truck drivers have a clearer view of the road because of the height of their vehicles. However, truckers actually have more blindspots than most motorists. Combined with darkness, it’s a recipe for collisions.

Most areas of Minnesota see their first freeze day at some point between mid-September and mid-October. The roads may be covered in slippery black ice. It’s hard for anyone to see. But at least seasoned Minnesotans know to be careful when it starts to get cold. On the other hand, truck drivers from out of state who are working temporary jobs may not know what to look out for. It’s much more difficult to regain control of a large truck on a slippery road than it is a standard vehicle.

Who’s Liable for my Truck Accident?

Determining who is liable for a truck accident isn’t always a cut and dry process. Your initial response might be to blame the driver. However, the driver may share fault with another party in the industry or have no liability whatsoever. That’s one of the many reasons why it’s important to hire a personal injury attorney. An attorney who specializes in truck accidents will know how to evaluate the evidence from the accident and how to further investigate potential causes.

Truck drivers can be liable if their negligence causes the accident. For instance, drunk driving, distracted driving, and not adhering to signs and signals are usually a driver’s fault. However, an accident that happens because the truck was overloaded could be the employer’s fault. Similarly, if a mechanical failure leads to the accident, it could be the maintenance company’s fault or possibly the employer’s fault. Your lawyer can discover the answers through research.

Injuries Associated with Fall Truck Accidents

Head and neck injuries are some of the most common injuries associated with fall truck accidents. This ranges from whiplash to traumatic brain injuries and paralyzing spinal cord injuries. Whatever the condition, damage to the head and neck often results in lifelong pain and limitations.

Spinal injuries can also happen when the back is impacted, Any nerve damage can radiate throughout the body. Additionally, accident victims can experience spasms, chronic pain, and loss of sensation.

Broken bones and fractures can happen anywhere. Broken legs and skull fractures are exceedingly common. Skull fractures are especially dangerous because broken bone fragments can pierce and permanently injure the brain.

How Much Compensation Can I Receive?

Each claim is unique. It is safe to say that the value of your truck accident will heavily depend on the severity of injuries you sustain. Because truck accident injuries tend to be more serious, your claim could quite possibly amount to a substantial sum. You can collect compensation for lost wages and medical expenses as well as your pain and suffering.

Companies in the farming and trucking industries have to maintain sizable insurance policies to cover these various types of compensation. However, the insurance companies that issue these policies try their best to avoid paying. It’s important not to speak to these insurance companies directly. Their representatives are trained to encourage you to settle for as little as they can get away with. They also use strategies to confuse accident victims. Their questions are designed to confuse accident victims and lead them into incriminating statements. Your personal injury attorney will communicate for you and demand the highest amount available.

Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident involving a truck, contact the truck accident attorneys of Sand Law today. Our lawyers have successfully overseen countless cases against large companies, vehicle manufacturers, negligent drivers, and their insurance companies. We know how to navigate the additional challenges that arise when there are several possible parties at-fault. We are committed to securing the maximum compensation you need for your recovery process. Our initial consultations are always free. That way you can get a clear idea of your options before making a commitment. Call us at 651-291-7263 or contact us online.