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Do I Need a Bicycle Accident Attorney?

If you want a quick answer to the above question, that answer is “Yes.” But if you’re even thinking about whether or not you should hire a bicycle accident attorney, then you’ll probably need some convincing. If you’ve suffered a severe injury, your child was seriously hurt, or you’ve suffered the tragic loss of a loved one, you’ll need legal help without a doubt. Read on to learn the many reasons why this is the case.

The skilled bicycle accident lawyers with Sand Law are ready to tell you much more. We know how to handle cases similar to yours, and we get positive results for our clients on a regular basis. If you would like to schedule a free consultation, please contact us online or call (651) 291-7263 as soon as you can.

Reasons You Should Hire a Bicycle Accident Attorney

You were simply enjoying a beautiful Minnesota day on a leisurely bike ride when, out of nowhere, a negligent motorist hit you. Now, you’re having to deal with ever-mounting medical expenses, you can’t work, and you really don’t know where to turn. If you’re thinking of trying to obtain the compensation you deserve on your own, please consider the following before you make that decision.

You Don’t Understand the Legal System

A seasoned bicycle accident attorney has years of experience in this area of the law. No amount of online research, or no amount of watching lawyer shows on television, can even come anywhere close to matching that experience. An attorney will have a deep understanding of how these kinds of lawsuits work and will be ready to put that knowledge to work on your behalf.

A non-lawyer has no idea how complex the legal process can be. When they try to act as their own legal representative, their efforts often end in disaster. Court procedures have to be followed to the letter, and every deadline has to be met. Failure to do either could result in a case being thrown out completely.

You Don’t Have Enough Evidence

The main reason you’re probably even considering taking legal action is that you’ve been seriously hurt. Do you believe you’d be able to physically go to the accident scene to perform an investigation so you can determine what happened? You can’t, but an attorney can. At Sand Law, we have the resources and skills to find out the cause of the accident and to also find out who is to blame.

You might be completely convinced that you were riding your bike in the safest possible manner. The driver was negligent, and that’s why the accident occurred. But it really won’t matter how certain you are that you’re not at fault. Unless you have proof, you won’t have any chance of obtaining fair compensation. An investigation by a bicycle accident attorney can uncover that proof.

You Don’t Have the Right Contacts

Suppose there was a security camera close to where the crash took place. Would you have any idea of how to obtain the footage from that camera? An attorney does. Also, what if the insurance company claims you’re not really that badly hurt and that you don’t deserve a penny? Do you have access to expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf? Again, an attorney does.

An experienced legal representative can use these and many other contacts you simply don’t have. Those contacts could very well make all the difference between obtaining fair compensation and getting nothing.

To Avoid Damaging Your Claim

An attorney will not only work on your behalf to collect critical evidence, they will also help you avoid some of the common mistakes injury victims make – mistakes that could ruin your case.

A lot of injury victims will talk about the details of an accident to the people close to them. They’ll also post those details on their social media feeds. Insurance companies love that – they will call your friends and family members, scour your social media pages, and do whatever else they can to find something to trip you up. They’ll look for the tiniest shred of information you share in hopes you admit fault.

To Receive More Compensation

Not only will an attorney help you avoid that mistake, they’ll also keep you from accepting a settlement offer that doesn’t come close to providing you with equitable compensation. Once your bicycle accident attorney has all the facts, they’ll know exactly what your case is worth. You might be tempted to agree to a settlement because it seems like a large amount of money – and there’s a pretty good chance it will be a lot

However, do you have the slightest idea of how much your future medical bills will be? Did you know you may be able to obtain compensation for the emotional and mental trauma you’ve experienced? Do you know when – or if – you’ll ever be able to work again? Even if you can, will you be able to return to your same job, or will you have to take a position that doesn’t pay anywhere close to your original salary?

An attorney will know all of this and will do everything possible to help you get exactly what you deserve.

Circumstances in Which You Don’t Need an Attorney

If you’ve been fortunate enough to escape a major injury, and there was only minimal damage to your bike and the car that hit you, then you probably won’t need legal help. You and the driver can simply file claims with your respective insurance companies, and that will be that.

Circumstances in Which You Absolutely Need an Attorney

On the other hand, if you’ve been severely hurt – or even worse, lost a family member – due to the at-fault driver’s negligence, hiring a bicycle accident attorney will be a must. The worse your injury, the more money it will take to cover your financial losses. The more money that’s on the line, the more the insurance company will do in an effort to deny your claim. Only an attorney will be able to help you obtain maximum compensation.

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