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Construction Site Accident Injuries

Construction site injury lawsuit attorney Sand Law Minnesota

Construction Sites and High Accident Injury risk

Those that work in the construction industry are often at immense risk to suffer severe injuries in construction site accidents. These injuries can result in severe damages to construction accident victims and often leave them in dire financial situations. Accident victims can be out of work for long periods of time while they recuperate and receive treatment for their injuries. Injuries can cause disabilities that can affect an accident victim’s ability to work. Then there are all the medical bills that can add up.

Those that have suffered injuries as a result of construction site accidents will likely be entitled to workers compensation if they were an employee. In certain cases, those injured in construction site accidents may be able to file a personal injury claim in the event that they were not construction employees or the accident was caused by employers with the intent to harm. Regardless of how you seek compensation for your injuries, it is recommended that you consider speaking to an attorney experienced in workers compensation and personal injury. You could benefit from the expert consultation of the lawyers of Sand Law. Our attorneys are happy to assist you in your pursuit of compensation and speak with you about what can be done to ensure you get the settlement that you need.

Common Construction Site Accident Injuries

Traumatic Brain Injuries on Construction Sites

When someone suffers a blow to the head or another extreme force acts upon the skull and injures the brain, it is called a traumatic brain injury. These kinds of injuries are characterized by the damaging effects they have on a victim’s cognitive abilities. How badly someone’s cognitive abilities may be affected by a traumatic brain injury depends on the location and intensity of the head trauma. Common cognitive issues that affect those that have suffered traumatic brain injuries include difficulty concentrating, slurred language, reduced problem-solving abilities, poor social awareness, and much more that can have a significant impact on a traumatic brain injury victim’s life.

Among the more common traumatic brain injuries experienced by construction site workers are concussions, brain contusions, and penetrating brain injuries that all do significant damage. Concussions are on the milder side of the traumatic brain injury spectrum however they still are something to be taken seriously. Unaddressed concussions have the potential to get exponentially worse and suffer severe complications. Things like double impact syndrome are a risk that people with concussions and other traumatic brain injuries need to take seriously. Regardless of the perceived severity of a head injury, be sure to get immediate medical attention as soon as possible.

Construction Site Broken and Fractured Bones 

When someone breaks or fractures a bone they run the risk of suffering a number of potential complications depending on where and how the bone broke or fractured. When most people think of a broken bone they think or a broken arm or leg wrapped in a cast that can limit someone’s mobility and land them with recovery time out of work. Ultimately, these more common breaks of limbs will typically heal over a few weeks and a person will be good as new. Unfortunately, there is the potential to break bones in places like the pelvis, spine, and ribs that can lead to severe damage.

Pelvis fractures and breaks can cause serious structural damage as well as lead to potential damage to all the organs in the abdomen such as the small intestines, colon, bladder, etc. when bone shards pierce them. Broken ribs have the potential to puncture organs like the lungs and do massive damage. Breaks and fractures of the vertebrae in the spine can lead to damage of the delicate spinal cord which can often be permanent with effects such as paralysis and incontinence.

Lacerations on Construction Sites

Small cuts and scrapes are often not much reason for concern unless they go untreated and become infected but larger lacerations are a risk on construction sites as well. A lot of construction calls for the cutting of a number of materials with machinery that if used inappropriately can slice through human flesh like butter. These lacerations can cause excessive bleeding if they manage to cut an artery or they can go deep enough to damage internal organs creating a whole host of potential complications. Lacerations can sometimes be severe enough to take off whole limbs such as fingers toes or even whole hands and arms.

Construction Site Electrocution Injuries

Construction sites will at certain stages require electrical installation which can dangerous if not done properly. The negligence of construction staff can cause electrical accidents that can directly electrocute someone causing severe burns or the shock can cause cardiovascular problems and stop their heart outright. Even lesser shocks can cause severe injuries when someone suffers a minor electrical shock while working at an extreme height that causes them to fall and suffer additional injuries that way. Electrical injuries can be caused by improper electrical installation procedure but also from general construction equipment with faulty electronics compromised by water or wear.

Toxic Chemical Exposure on Construction Sites

Some construction sites will utilize certain substances that are hazardous to the health of construction employees. Poor handling of these toxic materials can lead to an exposure that can burn construction workers, be inhaled and poison them, or cause health issues from physical exposure. Chemicals can come in a number of forms of liquid, gases, or even solids in certain instances. Proper safety equipment and adherence to procedure is often the only way to prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring.


If you have sustained a personal injury and believe that you are owed compensation, then CONSIDER CONTACTING SAND LAW about a free consultation on your claim. We are ready to sit down with you and hear the details of your case so we may provide some options for how you can proceed with legal action. Our lawyers are well versed in all aspects of personal injury claims and will fight for your claim so you may receive the maximum settlement.


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