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White Bear Lake Car Accident Lawyers


WHITE BEAR LAKE INJURY ATTORNEYS FOCUSING ON YOUR CAR ACCIDENT Sand Law LLC frequently handles car accident cases in White Bear Lake, Minnesota–this is one of the reasons why we opened an office here. We represent people injured in car accident cases, and, unfortunately, there are plenty of them to deal with. In the United… Read more »

White Bear Lake Truck Accident Attorneys

semi truck - White Bear Lake Truck Accident Attorneys - sand law llc

All motor vehicle accidents come with their own set of challenges. When commercial trucks are involved, the potential for destruction and injury multiplies. In the midst of recovery and emotional trauma, those affected also face complicated steps to recover compensation. Experienced Truck Accident Attorneys Serving White Bear Lake and all of Minnesota As a victim… Read more »

Minnesota Sex Abuse Victims’ Lawyers

Sexual abuse is a serious and traumatic experience that can have a profound impact on a person’s life. In Minnesota, there are steps that individuals who have experienced this type of abuse can take to protect themselves and seek justice. The first and most important step is to get to a safe place. If you… Read more »

White Bear Lake Spinal Injury Attorneys

White Bear Lake Spinal Injury Attorneys - Sand Law

Spinal injuries are a serious type of injury that can occur because of various different accidents caused by negligence. Spinal injuries can range from moderate to life-threatening, and will likely put a strain on your life physically, financially, and mentally. Many incidents that caused spinal injuries fall under the umbrella of personal injury, meaning that… Read more »

White Bear Lake Brain Injury Attorneys

White Bear Lake Brain Injury Attorneys - Sand Law LLC

A traumatic brain injury (also known as a TBI) is a common injury after many different types of accident. They affect millions of people each year and can have devastating consequences for sufferers and their families. Each year in the US, there are approximately 3 million brain injury cases reported, with some 300,000 of them… Read more »

White Bear Lake Negligent Drowning Attorneys

child accidental drowning - white bear lake drowning accident attorneys - Sand Law LLC Minnesota

Negligent Drowning Attorneys in White Bear Lake, Minnesota Drowning is one of the leading causes of unintended injury deaths in the United States, and can come without warning. Situations that are otherwise secure and safe can turn deadly in an instant, severely injuring or taking the life of one of your family members or loved… Read more »

White Bear Lake Pedestrian Accident Lawyers

person hit while crossing road - white bear lake pedestrian accident attorneys - Minnesota - Sand Law LLC

Getting Hit By A Car While Walking Can Cause Serious Injuries and Financial Struggles After a pedestrian is hit by a car or other motor vehicle, collecting compensation can be a difficult, negotiation-heavy process. It involves negotiations with insurance companies and lawsuits against automobile drivers that cause it through negligence. If you have suffered an… Read more »

White Bear Lake Rideshare Accident Attorneys

white bear lake ride share accident attorneys - minnesota - sand law llc

Were you injured while in an Uber or Lyft in White Bear Lake, Minnesota? Over the past several years, the ridesharing app market has exploded in popularity and ubiquity in cities all across America. Apps like Uber and Lyft are quickly becoming staples of American culture, with Uber alone fulfilling almost 40 million rides per… Read more »

White Bear Lake Bicycle Accident Attorneys

cyclist on road - White Bear Lake Bicycle Accident - Minnesota - Sand Law LLC

One of the best ways to enjoy the beautiful scenery in White Bear Lake is by getting outside and riding your bike. It’s a great way to exercise, avoid traffic, and enjoy all the natural beauty of Minnesota. With the number of bikers on Minnesota’s roads growing with each passing year, it is an unfortunate… Read more »

White Bear Lake Slip And Fall Attorneys

slip and fall sign - slip and fall lawyers - white bear lake - sand law llc

The leading cause of emergency room visits in the US is slip and fall injuries – about 800,000 patients every year.  As innocuous as falls may seem, the are the leading cause of traumatic brain injuries. They can cause severe injuries at any age that may make it difficult to live independently, such as hip… Read more »