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Hard Hats and Hazards: How to Protect Yourself from Injury on a Construction Site

Construction sites are essential for building our infrastructure. But they can also be hazardous, leading to injuries with potentially devastating consequences for workers. Understanding safety measures is crucial to ensuring everyone goes home safely at the end of the day. Unfortunately, accidents can happen, often with horrible results. If you suffered a construction site injury… Read more »

Most Common Hazards on Construction Sites

Construction sites are dynamic environments where various hazards can pose risks to the safety and well-being of workers. The slightest mistake or lack of focus can have devastating consequences. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, 18 construction workers died in Minnesota in 2021. If you’ve suffered a severe injury due to a construction… Read more »

Workplace Fatalities: Common Injuries by Industry

Most Common Workplace Deaths - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Workplace Personal Injury Attorney

Workplace injuries can range from minor to fatal. Some industries are more prone to fatal injuries than others. Day after day, employees work their shifts and expect to return home safely to their families. While most work spaces are very safe environments, there are some locations and careers that are naturally more dangerous than others…. Read more »

Why Construction Accidents Are So Common and How to Prevent Them

Why Construction Accidents Are So Common and How to Prevent Them - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Construction Accident Attorney

Construction workers are at a higher risk for injuries on the job, including even fatal injuries. Members of the workforce know that all careers come with their own set of drawbacks. Without a doubt, some are inherently more dangerous than others. Construction workers spend their days using heavy tools and machinery, often at intimidating heights…. Read more »

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Checklist

workers compensation checklist - minnesota - sand law llc - woodbury workers comp attorneys

The following checklist is for employers and supervisors and outlines how they should document any kind of work-related injuries or illnesses for workers’ compensation purposes. It’s crucial that these steps be taken as soon as possible in the event of any kind of medical emergency or serious injuries. Here are the immediate actions every employer… Read more »