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Recovering from Sexual Assault: How Sand Law Can Help You

Minnesota law defines sexual assault as sexual contact occurring without the victim’s consent. Sexual assault victims have several options for reporting abuse, including law enforcement, support services, and medical professionals. Victims may also be able to file a lawsuit to obtain damages stemming from an assault. An attorney can help sexual abuse victims seek justice… Read more »

Sexual Assault by Medical Providers

Sexual Assault by Medical Providers - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

There’s something that just seems particularly sinister about sexual assault by medical providers. When you go to see a doctor or another medical professional, you’re in a very vulnerable position. Anyone who takes advantage of that vulnerability for his or her own sexual pleasure needs to be punished to the full extent of the law,… Read more »

Jail Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Jail Sexual Assault Lawsuit - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

Facing a charge of jail sexual assault (sexual assault is known as “criminal sexual conduct” in Minnesota) is obviously a serious problem. Any sort of sexual activity between a law enforcement or correctional facility officer and a detainee or inmate is illegal. It doesn’t matter whether or not the sex was consensual. Not only can… Read more »

Child Sexual Abuse in Schools

Child Sexual Abuse in Schools - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Child Abuse Personal Injury Attorney

Any sort of child abuse is horrible, of course, but child sexual abuse in schools is particularly insidious. An innocent young person is being harmed by someone they trust – it could be a teacher, a coach, another student, or someone else. The mental and emotional damage can last for years. At Sand Law LLC, we work passionately to represent… Read more »

Sexual Assault in a Nursing Home

Sexual Assault in a Nursing Home - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse Attorneys

Although rare compared to other forms of elder abuse, sexual assault in nursing homes is nonetheless a grievance for victims and their families. If you’ve ever been in the position to choose a nursing home for your parents or older relatives, you probably selected a facility that you believed would foster their healthy, safety, and… Read more »

Who is Liable for Sexual Assault?

sexual assault third party liability lawsuit attorney minnesotta St. Paul

St. Paul Sexual Assault and Third-Party Liability One of the many terrible realities of the world that we must face is that sexual assault is a crime that happens all too often. Every 92 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted with every year seeing hundreds of thousands of people suffering through this experience. Sexual assault… Read more »

Minnesota Workers’ Compensation Checklist

workers compensation checklist - minnesota - sand law llc - woodbury workers comp attorneys

The following checklist is for employers and supervisors and outlines how they should document any kind of work-related injuries or illnesses for workers’ compensation purposes. It’s crucial that these steps be taken as soon as possible in the event of any kind of medical emergency or serious injuries. Here are the immediate actions every employer… Read more »