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5 Questions to Ask a Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Asking questions of prospective attorneys will be critical to your ability to obtain the compensation you deserve. Find out the experience of the pedestrian accident attorney you’re considering, as well as how they go about determining liability. Also, ask what type of compensation you might obtain and how the attorney handles negotiations. Find out what… Read more »

Legal Options for Pedestrians After Getting Hit by a Car

About 225 pedestrians die or suffer severe injuries in Minnesota each year. Pedestrian accidents where someone is hit by a car result in serious injuries and legal complexities. Understanding your legal rights and options is crucial to ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. Here’s a look at the steps to take after being hit… Read more »

5 Laws All Pedestrians Should Know

Minnesota is one of the safest states for pedestrians, coming in at No. 10 with a fatality rate of .83 per 100,000 residents. But pedestrian accidents in our state claimed 46 lives in 2022. While that’s an 18% decline from 2021, that number remains too high. Both drivers and pedestrians must be aware of state… Read more »

Damages in a Pedestrian Accident Case

No one should ever suffer severe injuries – or even worse – just by taking a walk. But that occurs much too often in Minnesota. An average of 225 people in our state are either badly hurt or killed in pedestrian accidents every year. People of all ages are at risk, including children walking to… Read more »

Pickup Trucks Cause Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

Pickup trucks have become an increasingly popular choice for drivers across the state of Minnesota due to their versatility, durability, and power. However, recent studies have shown that pickup trucks are even more dangerous to pedestrians than passenger cars. Pedestrian accidents involving pickup trucks can result in severe injuries or tragic fatalities. They can also… Read more »

Can Pedestrians Cause Accidents?

Pedestrian accidents will typically result in the person on foot suffering a catastrophic injury. In many instances, this type of accident can lead to tragedy. A pedestrian can be at risk no matter where they’re taking a walk, whether it’s a school zone, a parking lot, or just taking a stroll in their neighborhood. But… Read more »

Does Jaywalking Put a Pedestrian At-Fault for a Car Accident?

Does Jaywalking Put a Pedestrian At-Fault for a Car Accident - Sand Law LLC Minnesota

There are a lot of reasons why pedestrian accidents occur – and they continue to happen far too frequently. They can happen anywhere, and they can happen at any time. It’s easy to assume that drivers of vehicles cause most of these accidents, but there are some instances where pedestrians either play a role or… Read more »

Neurological Issues After a Personal Injury Accident

Neurological Issues After a Personal Injury Accident - Sand Law LLC Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota Brain Injury Attorney

Any sort of accident that results in a personal injury can be devastating – especially when it involves the brain. A traumatic brain injury (TBI) will oftentimes lead to a lifetime of debilitation – or even worse. It could happen due to a slip and fall injury, an automobile wreck, or due to any number… Read more »