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Understanding Minnesota’s Mandatory Reporting Laws for School Abuse 

Summary: Minnesota designed its mandatory reporting laws for school abuse to ensure fast action to protect a victim’s physical and mental health. Mandatory reporters must be aware of the signs of abuse. Forms of child maltreatment include physical and sexual abuse, neglect, and emotional abuse. Mandatory reporters include teachers, counselors, school administrators, and others. The… Read more »

4 Types of School Abuse

No types of school abuse are ever acceptable, of course – not even a little bit. But it’s even worse when it occurs due to the behavior of an adult. Whether it’s a teacher or someone else, if abuse occurs in what should be a safe place, that person – and any others who played… Read more »

Who’s Liable for an Injury That Occurs at School?

Who’s Liable for an Injury That Occurs at School - Sand Law LLC St Paul Minneapolis Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

When a child sustains an injury at school, whether it’s in a daycare facility, on a school playground, or on any other school-owned property, saying “kids will be kids” just isn’t enough. There’s a very good chance that injury occurred due to some sort of negligence on the part of an adult. If this is… Read more »

Who’s Liable for My Child’s Playground Injury? 

Who’s Liable for My Child’s Playground Injury - Sand Law LLC Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

A playground is supposed to be a safe place, one where a child can play and have a fantastic time. Parents should be able to leave their child with true peace of mind, knowing that the playground is properly supervised at all times. Unfortunately, injuries – sometimes severe injuries – can occur. When this happens,… Read more »