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Slips and Falls: Frequently Asked Questions

Slips and Falls Frequently Asked Questions - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney

What are the most common causes of slip and fall accidents? The most common causes of slip and fall accidents include wet and uneven surfaces. These include loose floorboards or mats, broken sidewalks, potholes in parking lots, messy or recently mopped floors, or weak staircases.  Slip and fall accidents can be extremely dangerous. While they’re… Read more »

What Measures Are Businesses Required to Take to Prevent Slip and Falls?

Woman sits on the stairs in an office building after slipping with papers scatters around her

Summary Businesses must take steps to prevent slip-and-falls, which can lead to severe injuries and, in some cases, tragedies. Minnesota law mandates property owners to take reasonable steps to keep patrons safe. Specific steps include posting warning signs, promptly cleaning spills, installing slip-resistant slowing, and others. A slip-and-fall lawyer can help you obtain compensation if… Read more »

Permanently Disabled from a Car Accident in Minnesota

Permanently Disabled from a Car Accident Minnesota lawsuit injury claim attorney

Recovering Compensation for Disabling Car Accident Injuries Every year, tens of thousands of people die from car-related accidents in Minnesota and all over the United States according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. While each of those deaths is tragic, permanent disability resulting from a Minnesota car accident can cause nearly equal pain and… Read more »

Damages in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Damages in a Wrongful Death Lawsuit - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney

The death of a loved one is always hard to overcome, especially when the cause is negligence or a fatal accident. What is a Wrongful Death Case? A wrongful death case can occur when someone you love has passed away because of someone else’s negligence, or even because of someone else’s intentional act of misconduct…. Read more »

The Emotional and Psychological Impact of Wrongful Death

Two women hugging one is crying and holding a tissue

Summary The impact of wrongful death can lead to grief and sorrow, guilt, anxiety, isolation, and other issues for the surviving family. Survivors can often find help through support groups, self-care, and therapy and counseling. An experienced wrongful death lawyer can help family members seek justice for the loss of their loved one. Losing a… Read more »

Deny, Delay, Decrease: How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Personal Injury Claims

Deny, Delay, Defend - How Insurance Companies Avoid Paying Claims - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney

Insurance companies will seek to decrease payments or deny claims for injuries caused by an insured person’s actions. After becoming injured, victims of accidents want nothing more than to move on from the traumatizing experience. Unfortunately, due to the tactics of insurance companies, accident victims are faced with excessive paperwork, lengthy phone calls, repetitive interrogations,… Read more »

Most Common Types of Car Accidents

common car accident types injury lawsuit attorney Minnesota

Here are the Most Common Car Accidents You Might Encounter in Minnesota While it is not an absolute certainty, there is an extremely high chance that at some point in your life, you will be involved in a car accident. That is if you haven’t already been through the harrowing experience of having your car… Read more »

From Whiplash to Traumatic Brain Injuries: How Car Accident Lawyers Handle Different Types of Cases

Rear end car accident scene where a male driver and a female driver are both making a phone call

Summary Seasoned car accident lawyers know how to pursue compensation in many different types of car accident cases. Skilled attorneys tailor their approaches to a client’s specific injury. Whiplash, severe head injuries, broken bones, and soft tissue injuries require extensive and costly treatment. Attorneys negotiate to help clients obtain the compensation needed to cover those… Read more »

Reasons Truck Accidents are So Dangerous

Reasons Why Truck Accidents are So Dangerous - Sand Law LLC - Minnesota Personal Injury Attorney

The size difference between trucks and cars is just one of multiple reasons that accidents involving trucks can be fatal. Many factors contribute to the fact that truck accidents are dangerous and inherently more dangerous than car accidents. There are many rules and regulations in place to make trucking safer. However, there are still many… Read more »