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Best Evidence To Help Your Truck Accident Case

If you’ve suffered a severe injury in a truck accident that wasn’t your fault, you deserve to get the maximum amount of compensation possible. You might have been hurt because an inexperienced truck driver made a mistake, or due to some other form of negligence. In order to have the best chance to obtain the most money you can, you’ll need to show solid evidence that someone else was to blame for the truck accident injuries.

The attorneys with Sand Law can help uncover that evidence, and help strengthen your case exponentially in the process. We know how dangerous truck accidents can be. We also know how to conduct a thorough investigation to gather the proof our clients need. When you turn to our firm, you can rest assured that we’ll have the experience and skill required to win this type of high-stakes legal case.

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Best Evidence To Help Your Truck Accident Case - Sand Law LLC - Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys

Here are just a few of the many types of evidence in a truck accident that could greatly increase your chance of getting every penny you deserve.

Photos and Videos

A truck accident is obviously traumatic, not only from a physical perspective, but from an emotional one as well. Victims will often be in a fog immediately afterward, not able to think clearly. But this is exactly what you’ll need to do.

Best Evidence To Help Your Truck Accident Case - Sand Law LLC - Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys - Take Photos Video Evidence

If you’re able to do so, try to take pictures and videos of the accident scene with your phone. Only do this, of course, after you’ve called for medical help, and only if you’re certain you can do so safely. Photograph and video any skid marks you see, as well as any damage to guardrails, highway signs or anything else. Also, get a video or photo record of the damage to the vehicles involved in the accident.

Unless your accident occurred on an extremely isolated stretch of highway, it’s almost certain that there’s some sort of surveillance camera nearby. There’s a very good chance it captured the accident as it happened. Your attorney can request that footage, strengthening your case even more.

The Police Report

Any truck accident that leads to a severe injury will almost always involve a police investigation. The officers will try to determine the cause of the wreck, and will put their findings in a report. As important as photos and videos can be to your case, the police report could be just as vital.

Witness Statements

Best Evidence To Help Your Truck Accident Case - Sand Law LLC - Minneapolis St Paul Minnesota Personal Injury Attorneys - Exchange Witness Information

There’s also a pretty good chance there was someone who saw the accident occur. They could have been getting into their car after leaving a nearby convenience store, or they might have been driving behind you when the collision happened. If you know there are witnesses, get their names, phone numbers and email addresses. Their testimony could prove to be incredibly powerful. They could, for example, testify that the truck was weaving in and out of traffic, or was going much too fast. Don’t worry about trying to interview them – that will be your attorney’s job.

Accident Reconstruction

An expert in accident reconstruction could also be a huge help. These experts are scientists who use analytic methods to piece together an accident, providing their opinion of the cause in the process. These extremely skilled professionals use many different types of information, including photographic and video evidence, eyewitness accounts, the police report and others to prove the details of your truck accident. They also go to the scene of the accident and conduct their own investigation.

Their findings are often vital to an injury victim’s efforts to obtain compensation. The accident reconstruction expert may, for example, be able to determine that some sort of mechanical failure caused the wreck. They may find that improperly loaded cargo also played a role. This could help your attorney identify other parties that may share liability for the accident.

Black Boxes and Logs

Most commercial trucks have their version of the “black box” that is more closely associated with airplanes. This device records a great deal of data, and could prove indispensable to your case. For example, it could show whether or not the driver applied the brakes before the accident, the speed of the truck, and much more. The black box can also shine a light on why the collision occurred.

Also, drivers are supposed to keep detailed log books during their trips. They have to follow strict government regulations involving how long they can stay behind the wheel. If they violate those rules, they could be held liable for an accident. Both drivers and trucking companies have a major incentive to make sure those logbooks are accurate. If they contain false information, they could face fines that reach into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Expert Witnesses

Accident reconstruction professionals aren’t the only kinds of expert witnesses who could help your case. A medical expert, for instance, could testify regarding the severity of your injury, and how much it will cost to treat it – not just now, but in the future as well. An economic expert could help prove not only the wages you’re losing at the present time, but the money you’ll likely lose over the long term because you can’t work.

There are other experts as well. An engineering expert can testify how the road conditions played a role in your accident taking place. An expert in manufacturing could show how a defective part may have failed. All of this testimony could quite possibly sway a jury into deciding in your favor.

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