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5 Reasons to Wear a Seatbelt in Minnesota

Wearing a seatbelt is one of the simplest and most effective ways to stay safe on the road. Despite this, many drivers and passengers continue disregarding this basic safety measure. Many of them regret doing so. Vehicle occupants who don’t wear seatbelts can suffer horrible injuries. Not only do these injuries lead to excruciating pain,… Read more »

Using Social Media After a Car Accident

Car accidents can be traumatic experiences that often leave people feeling shaken and overwhelmed. In such moments, people might turn to social media platforms. They do this to share their experiences, express their emotions, and seek support from their friends and family. However, social media use after a car accident can have unintended consequences, jeopardizing… Read more »

Long-Term Effects of a Car Accident

No matter the cause of your car accident or what kind of accident you had, you might have suffered a severe injury. This injury could have long-lasting ramifications, resulting in years or decades of debilitation. The long-term effects of a car accident can range from large debts to mental disorders.  If this has happened to… Read more »

How to Stay Safe During a Multi-Car Pileup from Icy Roads

Being involved in any multi-car pileup, especially on icy roads, can be terrifying. It can lead to severe injuries and traumatize people to the extent they’re scared to get behind the wheel ever again. But if you follow these tips, you can avoid this type of wreck. The law firm of Sand Law will be… Read more »

Distracted Driving Comes in Many Forms and Can Cause Serious Injuries

Even though more states and cities are trying to develop tools to fight distracted driving, the problem remains. Thousands of people across the country die every year because motorists continue to use their phones or are distracted in other ways. If you’ve suffered an injury due to a distracted driver, an attorney with Sand Law… Read more »

How to Deal with the Fear of Driving After a Car Accident

Fear of driving is real, and it’s terrible. Even if you didn’t suffer a severe injury in a car accident, you may feel so anxious behind the wheel that driving seems impossible. This feeling is nothing to be ashamed of – it happens to many people. You’ve gone through an incredibly traumatic event, and it’s… Read more »

What to do if You’re the Passenger during a Rideshare Accident

Just like any other type of car accident, a wreck involving a rideshare vehicle can result in severe injuries. If you’re hurt as a passenger during a rideshare accident, it will be understandable if you’re completely confused. You did everything you were supposed to do – you fastened your seatbelt and didn’t distract the driver… Read more »

Burn Injuries Caused by Motor Vehicle Accidents

Burn injuries caused by motor vehicle accidents are horrible. Not only are they excruciatingly painful, but they can also be fatal. Not only do victims have to deal with physical pain, but the emotional trauma they experience can also be just as bad. They also face astronomical medical bills and other financial burdens. If you or… Read more »

Cautious Christmas: How to Stay Safe on Winter Roads

Staying safe on winter roads can be a challenge for anyone, no matter how much experience you might have driving in Minnesota. Just like any other time of the year, car accidents can result in devastating injuries or even worse. What should be the best time of the year instead becomes a nightmare, not only… Read more »

Common Causes of Internal Injury

Any kind of accident involving a vehicle can obviously lead to devastating injuries. Victims can be so badly hurt that they never recover fully. Not only do these accidents lead to a great deal of pain and physical debilitation, but they can also result in horrible emotional trauma as well. While broken bones and burns… Read more »