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Recent Personal Injury Case Results

Confidential Settlement for Car Accident Victim

Our client was sideswiped by another driver while attempting to merge off of an exit ramp.  She sustained significant injuries and required medical treatment.  Sand Law was able to recover damages for medical bills as well as compensation for pain and suffering for our client.

$100,000 for Truck Accident Victim

Our client was a passenger in a truck that was involved in a roll-over accident.  He sustained significant injuries and had to be airlifted to a local hospital.  Our attorneys were able to settle the case for $100,000.00, covering his medical bills and compensating him for his pain and suffering.

$90,000 Jury Verdict Against Institution

Our clients attended a university in order to obtain their teaching licenses.  After graduation there was a four month delay in receiving their licenses because the university failed to file the correct paperwork with the state.  The jury returned a verdict of negligence against the university and awarded our clients over $90,000.00.

Confidential Settlement for Slip & Fall at Gas Station

Our client was entering a gas station when he slipped and fell on a patch of ice.  He sustained a substantial injury.  Our lawyers were able to settle the case for a confidential amount.

$60,000 for Slip & Fall Outside Apartment Building

Our client slipped and fell outside of his apartment building.  He fell on an icy sidewalk and sustained injuries to his shoulder.  After filing suit, the attorneys at Sand Law were able to settle the case for $60,000.00.

$55,000 for Negligence

Our client was injured due to the negligence of staff at her school.  The lawyers at Sand Law were able to attain a $55,000.00 settlement for the victim.

Confidential Settlement Against School District

Our client was assaulted by a staff member of the school district.  Sand Law was able to obtain a confidential settlement in the case.

$50,000 for Maltreatment at a Detention Center

Our client was an inmate at a correctional facility and sustained maltreatment by staff while incarcerated.  The lawyers at Sand Law were able to settle the case for $50,000.00 on behalf of the individual.

Confidential Settlement Against Restaurant

Our client was burned by hot food at a fast food restaurant.  The attorneys at Sand Law were able to settle the case for an amount that covered our client’s medical expenses and compensated him for his pain and suffering.

$25,000 for Injury at Restaurant

Our client ingested food unsuitable for consumption and was injured as a result.  Sand Law was able to secure $25,000.00 for our client.